The Best Cannabis Containers for Growing

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Growing cannabis plants at home can be a fun and enriching experience, but it can be challenging to know how and where to get started, especially if you’ve never grown any other kinds of plants before. In the following article, our experts at Cannaporium will cover the essential basics that go into picking the best growing containers to help support the healthy development of your future plants.

What is Container Gardening?

Container gardening is an easy method of plant cultivation that involves using a container and your preferred type of growth medium to grow and care for your plants. It’s an easy and effective method for casual indoor cannabis growers who want to enjoy some home-grown buds without setting up an entire grow room. However, you will need to have some space for the containers and some quality grow lights to help your plants flourish. 

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How Can You Choose the Right Container for Your Cannabis?

When choosing the best pot for your cannabis, you’ll want to focus on finding one to support the healthy development of the plant’s roots. Roots are responsible for anchoring the plant while also absorbing its needed water and nutrients, eventually facilitating the development of quality vegetative growth. There are three critical components to think about when selecting a pot that will help the roots systems of your plant thrive. These include:


The roots of your plant need plenty of space to branch out over time. Containers that are too small will cause the plant to become rootbound and eventually choke the plant by depriving it of its needed water and nutrients as it gets larger. 


Water retention is essential for the growth of healthy plants, and your cannabis will wither and die without it. However, too much water will effectively drown your plant, leading it to become waterlogged. This issue can also lead your plant to develop a harmful condition known as root rot, eventually killing its essential, life-giving roots. 


While plant roots naturally require water to survive, they also need oxygen to function correctly. It’s essential to choose a container that will provide enough oxygen for proper root development to occur without allowing the roots to be overexposed to the elements.

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The Most Common Containers for Growing Cannabis

Garden centers and online retailers will typically offer a range of different pot sizes in a wide variety of materials to choose from. Each type comes with different benefits and drawbacks that you’ll have to compare and contrast to determine what’s best for your plant. You can also try using multiple to see which ones produce the best results for you.


Traditional Plastic Containers

Standard plastic growing containers are a popular choice for home cannabis growers- especially those operating on a tight budget. These containers are very inexpensive but still provide all of the essential elements your plants need to develop and thrive.


  • They offer solid drainage (and it’s always easy to add more holes if needed)
  • They require a low overhead cost
  • Transplanting your growing plant is easy and inexpensive


  • They’re unable to fully protect roots from temperature fluctuations (typically not a big problem for indoor growers)
  • They lack durability and will crack over time
  • They may experience airflow problems depending on your chosen growing medium

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Fabric Containers

Fabric containers are a relatively new innovation in container gardening, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a trendy choice for cannabis home growers. Roots in fabric pots grow towards the edges of the pot and attempt to go through the fabric wall but are instead cut back to make room for new growth in a process known as air pruning. 


  • They increase airflow to the plant’s root system
  • They promote dense, healthier root systems
  • They allow for excellent drainage


  • They require more maintenance and attention because they’re more likely to dry out quickly
  • Their flimsy structure can make it challenging to offer plant support


Air Pots

Like fabric containers, air pots are designed to provide large amounts of airflow through several holes placed throughout the container. The pot’s structure allows for more roots to develop, allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients to keep the plant healthy.


  • They allow for the growth of more extensive root systems
  • They offer more oxygen and nutrients to plants


  • They tend to be more expensive than alternative containers
  • Many need to be manually assembled 
  • They can cause the plant to dry out more quickly, leading to an increased demand for watering
  • They may be more prone to root-damaging pests


Ceramic and Terracotta Containers

Otherwise known as ceramic pots, terracotta pots are a beautiful type of container made from special baked clay, whose porous nature allows water and air to pass through the pot’s walls and nourish plants. Many people prefer their lovely, earthy style compared to the other types of pots included on this list.


  • They offer more access to air and water
  • They decrease chances of overwatering and the development of root rot
  • They’re resistant to overheating
  • Their weight helps anchor the plants


  • They can cause the soil to dry out quickly and require more watering
  • They offer less optimal drainage
  • Their weight makes them difficult to move

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Final Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Now that you have a sufficient understanding of the different types of containers you can use to grow cannabis at home, you’re one step closer to enjoying the satisfaction of a quality cannabis harvest. If you’d like even more information on how to grow a quality cannabis crop from the comfort of your home, please also consider exploring our wide range of expertly written, educational articles. Our specialized guides and product reviews can tell you everything you need to know about the wonderful world of cannabis and CBD.

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