CBD for PTSD: How CBD Oil Helps With Anxiety & PTSD in Veterans


Military service members are often exposed to a significant amount of trauma and stress while serving their country. Witnessing a severe traumatic event can trigger what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This disorder occurs in veterans and other individuals who experience persistent negative memories and flashbacks related to a traumatic event. 

Most traditional treatments for PTSD are counterproductive and can even augment negative symptoms. This has caused veterans to seek out other avenues to help them recover. 

As a result, Cannabidiol (CBD) has become an increasingly popular and effective alternative PTSD treatment.

Read below for information on how using CBD can help veterans who are struggling with PTSD.

CBD for PTSD & Anxiety in Veterans

The proportion of military veterans suffering from PTSD in the United States is much higher than all other countries. Many veterans with PTSD have trouble adjusting to civilian life. This can lead to extreme life challenges such as homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, severe depression, and anxiety. It can also end in the tragedy of suicide. 

Doctors often prescribe highly addictive opioids to veterans as treatment for chronic pain. This is counterproductive for veterans who have PTSD. Besides addiction, opioid drugs can cause side effects which amplify PTSD symptoms like anxiety, stress, mood swings and depression. 

As a completely natural compound, cannabidiol (CBD) presents an effective and non-addictive alternative to opioids and other drugs for military veterans living with PTSD.

CBD products can help ease symptoms of PTSD without the negative side effects of conventional treatments.

How Does CBD Work for PTSD & Anxiety?

Studies have found that CBD decreases feelings of anxiety and stress in people who have experienced severe traumatic events. CBD is most effective when taken by the individual during an anxiety attack or shortly after one occurs, though the time to relief varies depending on the CBD intake method and the individual’s tolerance level. Ingestion via smoking generally takes between 5-10 minutes to experience relief, while CBD intake via edibles or tincture can take as much as an hour to bring relief.

This makes CBD a valuable treatment for veterans who experience random incidents of acute anxiety related to PTSD. Using CBD products can help an individual extinguish the traumatic memories which cause an episode of severe anxiety to occur.

CBD has also shown promise in preventing the onset of PTSD. By using CBD before major symptoms of the disorder begin to manifest, veterans may be able to taper the development of severe PTSD. 

Benefits of CBD for PTSD in Veterans

Evidence has shown that CBD can provide an array of benefits to veterans living with PTSD. CBD improves and, in some cases, completely alleviates certain symptoms of PTSD if used properly. 

The major benefits of CBD use for veterans with PTSD include the following.

Promoting Natural Sleep Hormones

CBD improves sleep quality. This is helpful to veterans who have trouble getting a good night’s rest due to trauma. 

Regulating Stress Hormones

CBD is a calming agent. It reduces major symptoms of PTSD like stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Blocking Reconsolidation Memories 

CBD has properties which allow it to reduce or altogether cease recurring traumatic memories and flashbacks. 

Improving Extinction Learning

CBD has shown an ability to rewire the brain’s responses to certain situations. 

CBD Products for Veterans

There are several categories of CBD products on the market. Most, if not all, can be used to treat veterans with PTSD. 

These products can come in the form of oils, edibles, capsules, and vapes. 

The type of CBD product which is most suitable for each person will vary. It will largely come down to preference, but could also depend on factors related to an individual’s overall health condition. 

For example, a person who has chronic lung issues may want to consider using CBD in the form of edibles or capsules rather than vapes.    

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