It’s Croptober! 5 Products to Celebrate in Style


Most people are familiar with the term “4/20.” It's a holiday so ubiquitous that even the most buttoned-up grandmother will understand what her grandson means when he shouts, "4/20, blaze it!" And while pop culture hasn't picked up on 7/10 in the same way, it's hardly an unknown holiday.

Less well-recognized is the cannabis celebration that spans the entire month of October. Come autumn, cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts start flooding social media feeds with pictures of freshly harvested cannabis crops under the hashtag #Croptober. If you’re not in the know, it can leave you wondering what you’re missing out on. So, what's Croptober, and why do cultivators and consumers alike get so excited about it?

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What is Croptober?

Croptober is harvest season for outdoor cultivars of cannabis, and the name plays off October, the month in which most sun-grown cannabis is harvested. While some strains mature in September or late November, 80% to 85% of cannabis varietals get harvested from October through the early part of November. Outdoor cultivars finally get to reap the fruits of their labor and spend late autumn cutting, drying, curing, and trimming their cannabis harvest, getting it ready for consumers. Most of this cannabis hits retail stores shortly after, and then consumers get the benefit of reduced prices on the buds they buy.

5 Products to Celebrate in Style

Croptober is a time to celebrate for both cultivators and consumers of cannabis as the autumn harvest gets ready to hit retailers and delivery services. And whether you’re harvesting buds or just smoking them, these five products are the perfect accessories for this Croptober season. 

The CannaBrush

Trimming cannabis buds can be a costly and labor-intensive process, depending on the methods you use. Surgically trimming your buds with scissors gets the best results possible, but hand trimming takes a long time and comes with a premium price tag. Machine trimming is much faster, but you have to front the cost of expensive machinery, and the process produces lower quality buds.

By using the Cannabrush to trim your buds, you can save time and labor and still get quality results. Industry professionals created the Cannabrush based on their experience with bulk trimming. Removing leaves, flowers, and trichomes with scissors causes hand cramps and carpal tunnel issues. But the Cannabrush is ergonomically designed to make trimming buds faster, cleaner, and more precise, without causing you the same strain or injuries.

While the CannaBrush may look like a basting brush, they're nothing alike. The bristles on a basting brush can't remove the excess biomass from cannabis buds because they're too weak. The CannaBrush's bristles have a unique paddle shape, produced through a molding process, making them wider than tubular bristles This shape increases bristle surface area and makes them grabby and better able to remove excess biomass. The silicone bristles are also stronger than basting brush bristles and apply the right amount of pressure to trim buds without damaging trichomes and flowers. 

You can buy the CannaBrush here.

The Harvest More Trim Bin Complete Set

With Harvest More's Trim Bin, you can turn any couch, table, or desk into a trimming station. And the bin's ergonomic design ensures that no matter where you set up shop, the process of trimming your cannabis buds will be pain and stress-free.

The two-part system keeps the trimming process organized and efficient. The top bin includes a 150-micron interchangeable mesh screen that collects fallen pollen grains or trichome-laden kief, while the bottom bin features a collection tray with a mirror surface finish. The bin's high, molded walls keep your bud contained while you're trimming, so you don't have to worry about wasting product. The set even includes Harvest More's static brush for sweeping up pollen grains.

You can buy the Harvest More Trim Bin Complete Set here.

CVault Cultivar Storage Container

You've put months of work and love into growing your bud. Now, you need a storage container that will keep it fresh for as long as possible. The CVault Cultivar Storage Container is the perfect solution, especially for multi-strain harvesting and growers producing smaller quantities of boutique flowers. CVault makes their containers from 304 food-grade stainless steel, and they come in multiple sizes, including 2, 4, 8, 21, and 50 liters.

The lid's silicone ring ensures that, no matter how much bud you need to store, you can keep it sealed up tight. There's also a humidity pack holder installed underneath the lid. You can keep your bud fresher for longer and can even bring old, dried-out buds back to life! And thanks to the container's durable, spot-welded latches, you can use it to store your cannabis for a long time to come. 

Depending on the size of the cultivar storage container, they come with slightly different features as detailed below.

2-liter storage container:

4-ounce capacity
One 67-gram 62% Boveda pack 
7” interior diameter
4” interior depth

4-liter storage container:

8-ounce capacity
One 67-gram 62% Boveda pack
9” interior diameter
5.5” interior depth

8-liter storage container: 

1-pound capacity
Two 67-gram 62% Boveda packs
10” interior diameter
7” interior depth
21-liter storage container:

2.2-pound capacity 

One 320-gram 62% Boveda pack
13.5” interior diameter
10.25” interior depth

50-liter storage container:

5 to 7-pound capacity
Two 320-gram 62% Boveda packs
19.85” interior diameter
11.2” interior depth

You can buy the CVault Cultivar Storage Container here.

Do you want the perfect products for your Croptober celebrations this fall? Cannaporium has everything you need, whether you’re harvesting bud or smoking it!

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Gorilla Curing Rack

You've put months of hard work into cultivating the best cannabis crop you possibly could. But the work doesn't end with the harvest. All those harvested plants need to be dried properly, and the Gorilla Curing Rack is perfect for getting the job done. Its airflow system creates an optimal environment for drying your cannabis plants, giving you better results than other drying methods.

With its built-in fan and charcoal filters, this curing rack allows you to dry your plants with less odor and noise than produced by other products and methods. The charcoal filtering system minimizes the allergens and unwanted odors spread during the drying process. Under normal conditions, the filters last for approximately 3 months before requiring replacement. But you can extend your filter's lifespan by storing it in an airtight container whenever it's not in use.

This curing rack folds up for easy storage and has a compact design that makes it ideal for cultivators without a lot of extra room to spare. When you purchase the Gorilla Curing Rack, you receive:

One curing rack
One filter
One extra quiet electric fan
One carrying case
One A/C plug

You can buy the Gorilla Curing Rack here.

Smokineer: The Nomad Outdoor Smoking Device

We have the perfect accessory for adventurous cannabis consumers this Croptober: the Nomad, an outdoor smoking device made with rugged, durable silicone and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum parts. Its six-piece, interconnected construction consists of a main body, container, pipe, packer, lid, and cap. Its large, built-in storage compartment means you can keep plenty of bud at the ready, whether you're out back on your patio or hiking up a mountain trail. And connected bowl packer makes for even greater ease and convenience. 

The Nomad also has a built-in mini-lighter compartment (mini-lighter sold separately), and its tethered pipe cap doubles as a wind block. Its enclosed out shell also has strategically placed seals, both for water resistance and child safety. All this makes the Nomad not just a convenient, portable smoking device, but completely weatherproof. Whether you're facing high winds, rain, snow, or sleet, you can keep right on toking with this smoker.

There's no need to reach for a vape when you're smoking on the go this Croptober. The Nomad is durable, weatherproof, and built to last, so wherever your adventures take you, the Nomad can meet it with you. 

You can buy the Nomad here.

What Are the Benefits of Croptober?

Croptober comes with many benefits for cannabis enthusiasts, but they vary based on whether you’re a cultivator or a consumer. Here’s a rundown of the benefits that both groups get out of the harvest season.

For Cultivators

How significant Croptober is to cultivars depends on how they grow their cannabis. Indoor growers harvest their cannabis year-round, so for them, October's just another month. But for outdoor growers, Croptober is the culmination of months of hard work. The cannabis they've been carefully cultivating since springtime is ready for harvest, and the sight (and smell) of an entire field filled with mature plants is stunning on its own. Trichome-laden buds fill the air with aromatic esters and terpenes, and growers get to experience the fruits of their labors with every one of their senses.

Outdoor growers get to harvest their crop after months of labor and then sell it to retailers and dispensaries. For them, the financial benefits of Croptober can't be understated. Cultivating cannabis takes a significant up-front monetary investment, and sun-grown cannabis comes with specific risks. Rainstorms during the harvest season can ruin an entire crop with mold right, sabotaging months of work at the final moment and causing cultivars not to make back their production costs. So, for those outdoor growers who successfully bring in their harvest, Croptober is both a final payoff and a time of celebration.

And growers aren't the only ones who benefit financially. For cannabis connoisseurs, Croptober also comes with monetary perks. 

For Consumers

Because outdoor growers harvest so much cannabis in such a short period, the influx of buds into retail markets affects prices for consumers. The drop isn't as steep as it once was. In the past, the Croptober harvest lowered the price per pound of cannabis by as much as $400 or $500. But with the increase in greenhouse and indoor growers, cannabis crops get harvested and sold to retailers year-round, making the impact of Croptober harvests on cannabis prices less significant.

Still, consumers can get high-quality bud at lower prices this time of year. Retailers start stocking the October harvest in November and December. Consumers wanting to pay less for top-quality, sun-grown cannabis should pay attention to the harvest date on product packaging. Flower is best purchased two months after its harvest date, so look for Croptober cannabis in December and buy it then.

In addition to better prices on the bud they buy, consumers enjoy another benefit from Croptober: the chance to tour cannabis farms during the harvest season. Thanks to increased legalization and public awareness, many cultivators now allow tours during the flowering cycle so that connoisseurs can experience the aromatic terpenes and ethers of a mature cannabis crop for themselves. 

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Croptober Final Thoughts

The Croptober harvest season is important for both cannabis cultivators and consumers. Cultivators get to reap the monetary rewards of months of hard labor, and consumers get to smoke quality bud at lower prices than any other time of the year. They may even be able to take a tour of cannabis fields just before harvest and experience the intense aromatics of mature crops. And whether you’re spending this October hard at work harvesting or kicking back and toking up, having the right accessories can make your Croptober celebration even sweeter. 

Looking for the perfect Croptober accessories? Cannaporium sells everything you need to make this harvest season the best one yet!