Eyce Molds Brand Review


Are you looking for a trusted brand that can provide you with superior smoking devices specifically designed to last you a lifetime? Eyce Molds has dedicated itself to the development of smoking products built to go the distance by keeping quality and value at the forefront of their drive to ensure that all users of their brand get only the best of the best. The effective styles of their specialized smoking devices are specifically designed to provide durability that rips users and offers a superior smoking experience, whether you’re a fan of flower or concentrates.

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Eyce Company Analysis

For the past seven years, the brilliant minds at Eyce have worked diligently to develop the best silicone smoking pipes, bubblers, spoons, dab rigs, and other smoking devices currently available on the market. 

Since 2013, their goal has been to deliver products that change the name of the game for smoking and its rapidly growing culture. They’ve sold over one million pipes across the globe and worked diligently to make their products available to users in eight different countries, with plenty more lined up as the smoking community continues to grow globally.

Their brand and products are recognized worldwide by many people, from college-age students and busy professionals to top athletes and traveling adventure enthusiasts. Meaning you can be sure that their goods will be able to suit your needs no matter what kind of lifestyle you live.

Product Highlights

Eyce prides itself on offering a massive array of smoking devices and accessories available in an iconic range of rad color options to ensure that users can have products that speak directly to their aesthetic preferences and personality. The following are some of their most popular products that can help elevate your next adventure to new heights with just a single hit. Just keep in mind, each of these products is in high demand, so be sure to add them to your cart quickly before it’s too late!

The Eyce Beaker & Eyce Mini Beaker


The iconic Eyce Beaker and Mini Beaker are two quality products that can offer an extraordinary smoking experience to users in a market flooded with options. Each Beaker contains an extensive range of features, including:

  • A platinum cured silicone body
  • A large hidden container and rolling tray
  • A magnetic ring lighter holder
  • A defused borosilicate down stem
  • An ice catcher
  • A stainless steel poker

The Mini Beaker (7.25in) comes in at roughly half the size of the ordinary Beaker (14in) but contains the same great features to provide users with a perfect travel companion.

The Eyce Beaker is currently available for $69.99 ($75.41 including tax) on Cannaporium, while the Eyce Mini Beaker is available for $44.99 ($48.48 including tax). 

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The Eyce Spoon


The spoon pipe is an essential part of a smoker’s arsenal, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one quite as effective or long-lasting as the specialized Eyce Spoon. This silicone smoking pipe is designed to provide an all-in-one kit for those who want to be ready to enjoy a hit in any scenario. It features: 

  • An inlaid borosilicate glass bowl
  • A platinum cured silicone body
  • A stash container lid
  • A poker

The Eyce Spoon is currently available at Cannaporium for only $19.99 ($21.95 including tax).

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The Eyce Hammer


Designed with the intent of revolutionizing a classic silhouette, the Eyce Hammer is a top-quality water pipe that contains a specialized snap-in borosilicate glass bowl that pops in and out for easy cleaning. It also features a revolutionary hidden ice chamber to provide users with a perfect chilly sensation when they go in for their next hit. The Hammer also features:

  • Platinum cured silicone body and stem cap
  • Hidden base storage jar
  • Steel poker 
  • Convenient tool holder

The Eyce Hammer is currently available from Cannaporium for only $39.99 ($43.09 including tax).

The Eyce Collector


The Eyce Silicone Collector is a long-awaited feature of the Eyce lineup by dedicated fans of the brand. It serves as the ultimate tool for the smoking connoisseur with a range of specialized components, including:

  • A built-in storage container compatible with the Eyce Hammer
  • A first-of-its-kind heat shield
  • A platinum cured silicone body
  • A proprietary GR2 titanium nozzle
  • A multi percolating water filtration system

The Eyce Collector is currently available from the industry experts at Cannaporium for only $44.99 ($48.48 including tax).

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Eyce Brand Products

A massive range of benefits come along with buying from the Eyce Mold brand, including their industry-leading guaranteed lifetime warranty. Eyce is so confident in the rugged durability of their silicone products that they have decided to prove it by offering one of the best lifetime warranties currently on the market.

If your product is damaged or broken within one year of purchase, they offer a one-time free replacement for all glass and metal pieces and silicone parts. Additionally, they provide a free replacement for any silicone parts containing a manufacturer’s defect after one year of purchase. They also offer free color/style exchanges plus shipping and handling for unopened products within 30 days after purchase and no-questions-asked refunds on unopened products returned within 30 days. 

However, please know that there are no exchanges or returns accepted after 30 days. Also, their lifetime warranty does not cover any accessories, items purchased separately, or any items that have been lost or stolen.

The Bottom Line: Is Eyce Molds the Brand for You?

Eyce is a proud brand dedicated to offering its customers only the best possible products, which led them to become a celebrated silicone pipe and smoking device provider on the market. It’s no wonder why they’ve maintained a 4.5/5-star rating based on well over 6,000 consumer reviews.

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