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You may be one of those out there that thinks nothing can come close to beating the feeling of lighting up a quality paper-wrapped blunt or hand-rolled cigarette. However, that’s just because you’ve never tried the quality products offered by the smoking industry brainiacs over at Glunt. Utilizing licensed patented technology, the “glass blunt” by Glunt is a smoking connoisseur’s dream that serves as both a quality smoking tool and storage container all in one easy-to-use little package.

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Glunt Brand Analysis 

Glunt is a known brand within the smoking industry that proudly supplies customers with unique, long-lasting, reusable glass smoking tools and accessories to help consumers get that perfect hit without continually buying single-use paper blunts and cigarettes. Their website doesn’t offer much in the way of background information regarding their brand story or history. Still, the repeated five-star reviews of their best-selling products should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the goods they provide.

Product Highlights

While the Glunt brand is proud to offer a range of quality smoking products and accessories, we’d like to take the time to focus on their best-selling, most popular smoking instruments. These have the potential to drastically change the way that users enjoy their hits forever, whether their smoking tobacco or cannabis-based products. Suppose you’re in the market for a new way to get some quality hits without having to shell out more money for single-use paper smoking products continually. In that case, these are some items you’ll want to consider adding to your cart soon. 

That said, each of these products is in high demand with currently limited stock, so don’t miss out on your chance to add them to your smoking tool arsenal today!

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Glunt Glass Pipe


This specially designed all-in-one smoking tool and storage container are made from patent technology to provide users with smooth, quality hits of anti-chemical smoke. They put regular cigarettes and blunts to shame thanks to being made from anti-flammable, tasteless glass. Each device can store up to two grams of bud but doesn’t need to be completely filled for use thanks to its internal corkscrew design that will push your desired substance up to the top with an easy turn of the wrist, making it easy to both pack and use. Additionally, each package comes with a free extra glass pipe!

The Glunt is currently available for discreet shipping from the expert cannabis industry providers at Cannaporium for only $35.00 ($37.71 including tax) and can be purchased in a range of colors, including black, ceramic black, ceramic white, clear, and pink.

Are you thinking about starting your own hemp garden or just want to find out what various types of CBD products can do for you? Go to Cannaporium today to check out their massive selection of top-quality growing gear and CBD-based products!

Glunt .5


Formerly known as the Bullet, the Glunt .5 is a smaller counterpart to the original Glunt and also serves as an all-in-one smoking tool and storage container, complete with a complimentary rubber cap and mouthpiece. Each device stores up to one gram of ground bud but doesn’t need to be completely filled to use effectively.

The Glunt .5 is available for discreet shipping from Cannaporium for only $21.99 ($23.69 including tax) and comes in black, bronze, green, pink, and silver.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Glunt Brand Products

As with any brand or product, there is a wide range of benefits and drawbacks of Glunt merchandise that potential users should be aware of before making their purchases.

The Benefits

Even though their website may leave consumers wary due to their lack of background information, they seem to make up for it by providing quality smoking products. Beyond that, Glunt goes out of its way to establish a few primary benefits that their products can provide to users: 

  • Their products can last a lifetime thanks to being made out of reusable glass components that are easy to clean and maintain over extended periods.
  • Their products can save you money by doing away with the need to continually purchase single-use smoking products like paper blunts, cones, and rolling papers. 
  • Their products may be considered a healthier alternative to paper smoking products because they contain none of the chemicals found in many smoking papers that can pose significant health risks.
  • They offer a special cap in each of their packages so you can ensure that your smoke of choice will remain fresh and secure without having to invest in other storage devices.
  • When purchased through Cannaporium, anyone can enjoy Glunt products thanks to their international shipping.

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The Drawbacks

As far as drawbacks go, there really aren’t many for potential consumers to make a note of aside from the fact that Cannaporium only offers free shipping on their CBD products on orders of $100 or more, and not smoking accessories like the Glunt. But while you’ll have to pay for shipping, the quality product you’ll recieve will be more than worth it. 

The Bottom Line: Is Glunt the Brand to Meet Your Smoking Needs?

If you’re a regular smoker who’s in the market for a superior hit but also wants to start saving money, then you should definitely consider ditching the paper blunts and cigarettes and invest in a quality Glunt product. Their specialized all-in-one smoking tool and storage container is a fantastic alternative that’s more than worth trying out.

If you’re thinking about giving CBD a try to figure out what it can do for you, then consider checking out the wide range of superior products proudly offered by the industry experts at Cannaporium today! Whether you’re looking for edibles, prerolls, beverages, topicals, or other products, they have got you covered.


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