Gorilla Grow Tents Review: The Perfect Grow Tent


When you want to buy a grow tent, there are many options on the market. Finding the ideal grow tent can be challenging for even the most experienced grower. However, there is one brand that you should consider for your needs: Gorilla Grow Tents. Here is an in-depth look and review of these grow tents. 

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The Gorilla Grow Line of Tents

There are several lines of grow tents from Gorilla Grow. The standard Gorilla Grow tent (or GGT) is the most commonly used option. These tents are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The Lite Line is lightweight and a more affordable option for growers on a budget. Finally, the Shorty Line is the same as the standard tents, but they are about 2 inches shorter in size for growers with limited space.

Aside from the names, all Gorilla Grow tents have the same features and build quality. 

Now let's take a look at the features of the Gorilla Grow Tents.


Gorilla Grow Tent Features

The Gorilla Grow line of products has many great features. Their tents are all designed with the same qualities, but you have to pick a style and size that fits your needs. These grow tents are not like others on the market. Here is a look at the great features found in the tents from Gorilla Grow:

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Fabric Thickness 

Both the Shorty and GGT tents use 1680D fabric that is both highly reflective and threaded. Gorilla claims that their grow tent fabric is about 3 to 9 times denser than those other options in the marketplace. A thicker material means that the tent is more durable, and there is less chance of noise pollution or light penetration affecting the plants. 

However, if you choose the Lite Line, it has a much lower fabric density at 210D. While you do save money on the price, that is quite a drop from the fabric density from the rest of the Gorilla line. Despite that, the Lite Line is still a great option since Gorilla uses a specialized binding technique for the fabric. Gorilla uses PVC binding techniques that make their canvas fabric more reflective than the competition, meaning the material outclasses any other grow tent.


When you look at other options, Gorilla beats the competition. These grow tents are taller than the others on the market, except for the Shorty Line. All of Gorilla's tents are over 6 feet tall, mostly ranging about 6′ 7″ or 6′ 11." There are some other great benefits too. All of the Gorilla Grow tents have extension kits that can raise your tent about one to two feet. As an added benefit, 1-foot extension kits come with all tents in the GGT line.

The Shorty Line is an exception to these heights. This line is designed for those who don't need vertical growing spaces. The Shorty Line has tents that top out at only 4′ 11″, but you can extend the height with an extension kit if you decide you need that extra height. When comparing other grow tents, most of them only extends to 6 feet tall.

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Any type of growing system can pose a few safety concerns, such as equipment failure, messes, and stains. You will find a flood pool at the bottom of Gorilla Grow's tents. This safety feature rises about 4 inches from the ground and wraps around the poles. With that, even the biggest spills are safely contained inside the tent.

In addition, the roof features a section that blocks infrared light and cools down the tent's top, meaning you don't have to worry about external temperature fluctuations. Many other manufacturers don't even make an effort to cool down those hot surface temps, and their thin fabric allows odor, light, and water to seep into the tent. Gorilla Grow tents beat everyone else when you look at the safety features. The frames of these tents are pretty solid, with interlocking metal poles that can support even the heaviest of grow lights. Once again, you will not have to worry about the structure collapsing on you or your plants.


Build Quality

You cannot find any other manufacturer who comes close to the build quality of Gorilla Grow. First, the frames are incredibly sturdy and durable. The metal poles interlock for added stability. Along with that, the connected joints link at every point. Gorilla has even double-stitched their sections that see the most wear and tear so that you will not have issues with the torn fabric. If you choose a lower-end grow tent, there are always issues with the build quality. You might have to deal with dethreading zippers or ripped corners. Gorilla Grow's grow tents are built to last.

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Ease of Assembly

Gorilla Grow understands assembling a tent can be challenging. For that reason, they have designed these products to be easily assembled, even by a novice. You can assemble the Velcro door stripes without needing help from a second person. The roof section slides right on the top of the frame, meaning no struggling with the fabric. The zippers are easy to thread and large enough to wind around all of the tent's corners.

Plus, all of the grow tents in Gorilla Grow lines are easy to use. Every tent has at least two windows that allow you to check on the status of your plants without disturbing them. The doors can unzip to 360 degrees, letting you reach those tight spaces. Gorilla Grow's tents are designed to accommodate standard-sized hydroponics units.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the GGT (Standard), Shorty, or Lite line of tents, you will find that these are some of the best products on the market. Gorilla Grow understands what growers want in a tent, and they have added these great features to all of their products.

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