Holiday Gift Guide for Home Growers

Holiday Gift Guide for Home Growers

The holidays are fast approaching! Not sure what to get for the green thumb in your life? How about helping them take their favorite hobby to a new level? If your friend or family member spends all their spare time tending to their plants and talking about the latest exciting cannabis strain, here’s a gift guide full of items that they’ll enjoy! 

At Cannaporium, we’re passionate about growing, and we would be happy to help you out if you’re wondering exactly what to buy. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or you need recommendations! Without any further ado, here is our 2020 Gift Guide for Home Growers.


A Grow Kit to Get Them Started

It’s hard to grow weed without the right equipment. For just a few plants, you don’t need to purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of tools and growing equipment. However, if someone is just starting out as a grower, there’s nothing better than an all-in-one kit that has everything they need to grow cannabis plants. Try the FloraFlex 8” PotPro Kit, which allows them to grow four plants and comes with almost everything they need to get started.


Lotus Premium Nutrients

Plant fertilizer might seem like a strange holiday gift, but as soon as you see the beautiful Lotus Nutrients packaging, you’ll change your mind! These premium plant nutrient are designed specially to help medicinal plants grow and thrive from seed to harvest. There are few things better for a grower than the gift of lush, rapid growth! The great thing about Lotus Nutrients is their simplicity. No mixing multiple bottles together. Just scoop the dry mix into water at the approriate rate, check your pH and feed your plants. Another great alternative would be FloraFlex nurtients. 


A Microscope

Take them back to the most fun day of science class with the Active Eye Microscope, which allows them to inspect their bud at 100x power! It can help your favorite grower to take a closer look at their plants so they can identify strains, inspect for pest and disease, and much more. It has bright LED bulbs to illuminate the subject, and it’s right around $20 so it’s a great price for a gift!


A Grow Tent

If they need help keeping their plants in the right light and humidity, there’s nothing better than a Gorilla Grow Tent! The Gorilla Grow Tent 2x2.5 is best for those who have only a few plants, and it will fit nearly anywhere, even in a small apartment or house. It’s a great grow tent that will work equally well for a growing newbie just getting started. Grab a nice little LED light like the Spider Farmer SF1000 to go with it and start growing without noise or excess heat.


Harvest and Trim Bundle

Harvesting their weed might be one of the most exciting parts of the growing process, but at the same time, it’s also a hassle without the right equipment. They might be dealing with gunked-up blades, wasted bud and more. But with the Harvest and Trim Bundle, they will have a fantastic pair of ergonomic pruners, scissor scrubbers, and a handy trim bin set to keep the mess at bay! Or go with the new kid on the block and get the Cannabrush.


Growing Supplies at Cannaporium

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