Kush Queen CBD Brand Review


A women’s cannabis lifestyle brand, Kush Queen offers a wide variety of CBD products tailored toward women. Kush Queen is the brainchild of Olivia Alexander, a prominent cannabis community influencer who also sits on the Women’s Council for High Times Magazine. Olivia founded Kush Queen in 2015.

Olivia wanted to create her own CBD wellness brand that improves your quality of life by providing the best delivery methods to harness the medicinal power of cannabis. She also uses the proceeds from Kush Queen to give back to the community. The company regularly donates to a variety of foundations that are striving to make a difference.

Because Olivia is a tastemaker in the cannabis community, Kush Queen has been spotlighted in several noteworthy publications like Forbes, Us Weekly, and The New York Post. These publications site Kush Queen as a luxury CBD product line that empowers women through wellness.

Kush Queen is a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Touting CBD-Only and THC-Infused Products

Kush Queen offers a unique variety of CBD and THC-infused products that cater to women’s health and wellness. Their main products include:

Bath Bombs

These unique CBD bath bombs range in CBD strength of 25mg - 200 mg. Utilizing the Entourage Effect, these bath bombs create an experience that combines the power of essential oils and CBD.


These lotions, serums, setting sprays, massage oils, lubes, scrubs, and primers are a perfect complement to your beauty regime. These products range in potency from 25 mg – 250 mg of CBD.


This includes tinctures and gummies that are CBD-only or THC infused. One dropper of the tincture is about 5mg of THC and 30 mg of CBD. Each gummy can deliver 35 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC.

Extra Strength CBD Products

These are higher potency products that deliver more CBD and THC. Currently, they offer higher doses of gummies and bath bombs. Each gummy can deliver 10mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC. Each bath bomb can provide 25mg of CBD and 25 mg of THC.

Kush Queen’s Most Popular Products

They also feature their Swamp Queen Collection of an elixir and bath bomb that capture the spirit of the Bayou.

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Price Range

Kush Queen is a premium luxury brand that can range in price from $14 - $250. The bath bombs are their least expensive product at $14 a bomb. Their lotions, lubes, and tinctures are at the higher end of their price range. Potency and THC can affect the price.

They also offer some great collections that provide some cost savings by purchasing more than one product.

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Source of Hemp

Kush Queen sources their hemp from farms in Oregon that don’t use genetically modified nutrients or pesticides. The hemp is extracted and processed utilizing solvent-free methods so that the CBD is free of residual solvents.

Kush Queen uses CBD isolate and finished CBD oil to make their products. They also convert the CBD isolate into a patent-pending water-based form that maximizes the skin’s ability to absorb the CBD. 

Kush Queen prides itself on transparency and regularly posts the latest third-party testing of all their CBD and THC-infused products to ensure safety and quality. All of their products are in accordance with regulatory requirements and are safe to use.

Customer Service

While Kush Queen does have a responsive customer service team, you should know that they do not allow returns, refunds, or exchanges. All sales are final. If you are missing items, or the products arrived damaged, you must contact them within 48 hours, or they won’t be accommodating.

If you do order their products, you need to be sure it is what you want.

Countries Served

US States that allow THC, Puerto Rico, and The United Kingdom. States that Kush Queen cannot ship to at all:

North Dakota

Including the above states, the following states will not allow the shipment of GummiesRX:

New York
North Carolina

Pros of Kush Queen Products

When it comes to doing things right, Kush Queen is an industry leader. They take pride in their product quality, and it shows in their reviews. Customers love their products.

Kush Queen rates well for:

  • Transparency on Sourcing
  • Potency
  • Variety
  • Woman Focused
  • Well Rated

If you’re looking for a potent, woman’s health CBD product, Kush Queen offers some of the best products out there.

Cons of Kush Queen Products

Kush Queen does not target men, so you won’t see some of the more conventional CBD products such as vape oils, concentrates, and capsules. And because they have a strict all sales final policy, you better like what you ordered.

While the company is excellent overall, we need to point out their few cons: 

  • Need More Conventional Products
  • No Return Policy
  • Pricey

Because Olivia Alexander is a bit of a celebrity in the cannabis world, you may pay a higher price for her CBD products. But she does do everything by the book, so you can at least trust the quality.

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