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Water dripping from a cannabis plant leaf

Cannabis Nutrients & Fertilizer for Growing

Cannabis plants need lots of nutrients to grow properly. While they will still grow as long as they have plenty of light and water, good soil, and a temperate environment, adding nutrients will help your plants thrive so they can grow healthy and strong.

A healthy cannabis clone plant

Cloning Cannabis: How to Do It & Avoid Mistakes

Cannabis clones are a cutting from a living cannabis plant. That clone will later grow into a full-blow cannabis plant with the same genetics as the plant it came from—this is called the mother plant. Typically, a clone is a cutting around 6-inches long that’s put into a growing medium—like a rooting cube—and given the nutrients, it needs to grow...

Someone wearing a blue latex glove and holding up cannabis leaves.

The Best Cannabis Containers for Growing

Growing cannabis plants at home can be a fun and enriching experience, but it can be challenging to know how and where to get started, especially if you’ve never grown any other kinds of plants before. In the following article, our experts at Cannaporium will cover the essential basics that go into picking the best growing containers to help support...

Hands holding dirt and a seedling

The Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

Choosing what kind of soil to use when germinating cannabis seeds is one of the first decisions you'll have to make. As we learn more about growing cannabis, more options become available to help you produce the best pot you can. There are many alternatives, each with advantages, such as compost, soilless mixtures, and hydroponics . Today, we'll look...

Growing weed is worth it if you want multiple harvests.

The Best Grow Lights for Weed

So, you’d like to try growing weed, eh? Growing weed is fun. But it definitely takes a lot of work.  Some people have the luxury of growing weed outside in its natural elements. Most people, however, have to grow weed indoors using lights and tents . The process can be overwhelming needless to say. That is, if you don’t know what supplies to buy....


Pests And Bugs In Your Grow Tent? Here’s What to Do

Pests and bugs are any gardener’s worst nightmare. Many growers think that if they grow plants indoors, they won’t face problems with pests and bugs. Sadly, they are mistaken - they are even more problematic if they are found within your indoor grow tent. Bugs in a grow tent destroy all your hard work if not handled fast and effectively. Pests and...


Indoor Marijuana Grow Tents [Buyer's Guide]

Growing marijuana doesn’t have to be complicated. But it does require a few tools, like grow lights , soil and pots , and a grow tent . A grow tent is a large insulated tent that traps heat and reflects light. Grow tents maintain the purity of the growing environment by adding a barrier to the outside world. 


Gorilla Grow Tents Review: The Perfect Grow Tent

When you want to buy a grow tent, there are many options on the market. Finding the ideal grow tent can be challenging for even the most experienced grower. However, there is one brand that you should consider for your needs: Gorilla Grow Tents. Here is an in-depth look and review of these grow tents. 


Smokineer Brand Review

Do you regularly engage in an active lifestyle and enjoy the thrill of extreme outdoor adventures that push you forward towards something more? If so, then Smokineer may just be the perfect provider of the top-quality portable, weatherproof smoking device that you’ve been looking for to help you seek the truth by way of “ The Stoke .”


Quim CBD Brand Review

Dedicated to helping end the taboo of vaginal care, respect, and pleasure, Quim is a provider of various THC and CBD-infused oils and serums. They offer products that are specially designed to try and help support the happiness and health of your vagina while encouraging an enhancement of your sexual experience. Their line of luxury “self-care”...

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