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7 Tips to Help Your Grow Tent Beat the Heat in 2021

When it comes to maintaining an indoor cannabis grow tent or room, keeping temperatures cool can be difficult during the dog days of summer. Protecting your cannabis plants from experiencing heat stress is crucial when it comes to being a grower, and also one of the most challenging. Whether you are growing for the first time, or are a grow guru,...


How to Celebrate 710 in 2021

There are two types of people for the month of July. There are those who are preparing to celebrate the 4 th of July, and there are those who are going to celebrate the 4 th of July and 7/10 because we in the cannabis community said one holiday on 4/20 isn’t enough, let’s have two! (Innovation at it’s finest) While these holidays both fall in July,...

fathers day gift guide 2021

Father's Day 2021 Cannabis Gift Ideas

  It’s almost Father’s Day, and you might be struggling to find the perfect gift for him. Mother’s Day is all about flowers. However, you might be able to surprise your Dad this Father’s Day with a different type of flower. He might’ve told you about his days with Mary-Jane in a past life, or maybe he’s still a cannabis connoisseur to this...

what is cbn

What is CBN?

You’ve heard of CBD, but have you heard about CBN? CBN stands for cannabiniol, and it’s one of the lesser-known plant compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. While the name sounds very similar to CBD (which stands for cannabiniol) these two phytocannabinoids have quite a few differences.

delta-8 vs delta-9 thc

Delta-8 & Delta-9 THC: What’s the Difference?

  What Is THC? You’re probably familiar with THC, whether you’ve experienced its effects firsthand or you’ve just heard it described throughout popular culture.


"Close with & Destroy the Enemy" | CBD & PTSD

“Close with and destroy the enemy.” This is the mission when boiled down to its core. All of the support and side tasks lead to this one objective, a single point which the entire might of the military strives to achieve. This singular focus must shift upon transition out of the military and into civilian life. New enemies such as PTSD, anxiety,...

best cbd to help you sleep

Best CBD Products to Help You Sleep

Few things are more frustrating than the inability to fall asleep, especially if you’ve been struggling with it for several days or even weeks. Maybe you’ve felt like you’ve already tried everything, but have you looked into CBD sleep aids? Here are some of the best CBD products to help you sleep.

holiday baking with cannabis

Holiday Baking with Cannabis

Edibles are becoming more varied and widespread than ever before. There’s the classic pot brownie, of course, but now you can find CBD and cannabis in just about every food and beverage possible. The best thing is, you can easily make edibles at home. That means you can make your holiday baking even more fun and stress-relieving than ever!

how to have a stress-free, happy life with cbd

How to Have a Stress-Free, Happy Life with CBD!

Whether you’re a seasoned toker or you’re brand-new to the CBD/cannabis world, you can use this incredible plant to make your life happier than ever!

parenting and cbd

Parenting & CBD: How Parents Can Use CBD at Home

When it comes to parenting, a parent's love for their child knows no bounds. Even so, it can be stress-inducing to be in the same space as them 24/7 for weeks on end! In normal times, we can all get a change of pace when the kids go to school or daycare, and we can also get out of the house more often as we go to work, the grocery store, and maybe even a...

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