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Smoking, Vaping, or Edibles: Which Is Better for Your Health?

Now that we’re in the 2020s, there are so many different ways to use CBD! Whereas most people had never heard of CBD just a few years ago, there are now countless ways to use this plant extract. You can roll up an old-fashioned joint using hemp flower, you can choose from countless vape flavors and strengths, and you can get delicious gummies, chocolate,...

why cbd might not work for you

Why CBD Might Not Be Working for You

Some people talk about CBD as though it’s a miracle treatment. Unfortunately, that’s just not realistic. Like anything else, CBD has limitations and complexities. A CBD product that works great for one person may not be ideal for the next person. If you’re not experiencing the results you hoped for, here are some reasons why CBD might not be working...

5 creative ways to get cbd into your daily routine

5 Creative Ways to Get CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Most people who have tried CBD agree that it can be incredibly beneficial! However, to get the best effects from CBD, you need to take it regularly. That can be a challenge if you don’t like taking CBD oil or if you get bored easily. To make it easier to get your daily dose of CBD, here are some ideas and products to try!

buddha beans coffee review

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Brand Review 

Founded in 2018, Buddha Beans Coffee Co. set out to make superb micro-roasted coffee infused with CBD for the ultimate cup of joe. Buddha Beans offers CBD infused coffee, non-infused coffee, and compostable K-cups.


How to Have a Relaxing At-Home Spa Day With CBD

CBD is a wonderful addition to bath and body products thanks to its therapeutic properties! Here are your steps to a calming, blissful spa in the comfort of your home. We also tried out some fabulous CBD bath products ourselves, so read on to find out what we thought!

cbd and your sex life

Can CBD Imrove Your Sex Life?

Wondering if you should introduce CBD into the bedroom? Today’s innovative CBD brands make it easier than ever to do so! CBD is well-known for its relaxing effects. There’s also evidence that it may help increase circulation and soothe discomfort. All these properties can make CBD a promising addition to your sex life! Here are some CBD products to...

cbd and seasonal allergies

What You Need to Know About CBD and Seasonal Allergies

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or you have a family member who does, you know just how bothersome allergies can be. Seasonal allergies are most commonly linked to springtime, but they can occur at any time of the year… and for some unlucky people, allergies seem to follow them around all year round! It’s impossible to avoid every trace...

what is a coa

What is a COA and How Do I Read It?

If you use CBD, it’s important that you trust the brand and the product. After all, the last thing you’d want to do is throw your money away on a CBD tincture that isn’t what it says it is. That’s where a COA comes in. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD COAs and how to read them.

cannabis and covid

Can Cannabis Help Fight COVID?

As a whole, we’ve made huge strides in human health and wellness. Millions of researchers, scientists, and medical professionals are constantly advancing what we know about health and medicine. But despite this, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. COVID is extremely contagious and widespread, and it has such a wide range of symptoms that...

cbd and fitness

CBD and Fitness

Is CBD good for fitness? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, yogi, weight lifter, gym enthusiast or any type of athlete, you may want to give CBD a try. But before you do, it’s a good idea to look into the science behind CBD, cannabis, and fitness. While research is still ongoing and there’s a lot more to learn, here’s some of the research that points...

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