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Commercial growers have found another way to increase yield with the PhotoBio brand. Growers are using this new lighting technology in place of traditional grow lights to decrease heat damage and increase output.

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PhotoBio offers LED lights that are designed specifically for plant growth, not illumination. With patented lenses, these LED panels can provide 100% light penetration across the entire plant.

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But is this light right for you? Look no further. Here's the full review of this unique light system.

Why Choose PhotoBio LED Grow Lights?

PhotoBio specializes in bringing life through light. They have been designing and manufacturing horticulture lighting for over 40 years. Their lighting solutions offer commercial growers the latest technology that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and help plants and growers reach their full production potential

PhotoBio believes in growing together with their customers and offers the best growing lights on the market.

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Why Choose PhotoBio Light System?

PhotoBio MX light system has created the first grow light that has addressed main concerns in indoor growing. Their 680W fixture pumps out fifteen percent more power while saving thirty-five percent less energy than the larger 1000W DE system.

This fantastic lighting system has a lot to offer both new growers, and high-producing commercial growers will love these lights' features. PhotoBio's grow light is sure to be a game-changer.

The PhotoBio increases plant production while reducing operating costs because of the power-saving features. The spectrums that this light outputs are specifically developed to increase flower and elicit other desirable traits in short-day resin-producing crops.

From systems to reflectors, PhotoBio offers the finest indoor horticultural lighting equipment available. Commercial agricultural producers can benefit from our winning mix of Phantom ballasts, reflectors, and lights with Phantom DE lighting systems. These Phantom DE systems include our unique double-ended technology, which provides optimum PPFD value over a large area.

PhotoBio offers a high-quality line of commercial LED light fixtures that are perfect for indoor cannabis growing.

Why Lighting Matters

Plants naturally use the sun to make their own food through photosynthesis. The chlorophyll in plants absorbs sunlight, specifically ultraviolet light, and then converts it into energy that is stored by the plant and later used as food. Chlorophyll can absorb both red and blue wavelength light but reflects green wavelengths back into the atmosphere, making plants appear green to humans.

Having the proper lighting can help increase plant growth and yield, which is why adequate lighting is so crucial for growing weed plants. If you are using the wrong lighting, you can easily damage your plants and reduce production. Therefore, it's critical to have proper lighting like PhotoBio.

Features of the PhotoBio MX

The PhotoBio MX light system is making growing more manageable than ever. The iLOC Light Output Control allows for manual adjustment of light. However, the control driver can be mounted in remote areas and controlled through the system.

The system offers a slim design with high-quality aluminum housing that helps to keep the LEDs running cool, which will help increase their life while saving energy.

The PhotoBio MX has an IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust, making it perfect for growing rooms in your house or even commercial greenhouses. This light includes PHOTO•LOC signal communication to control accurately.

How Lighting Affects CBD

The plants in the cannabis family require 10–12 hours of direct sunshine per day. These plants flourish and produce more when they get between 10 and 12 hours of sunlight per day. If you have ever grown these plants, you've undoubtedly seen your own hands with your own eyes because these plants develop very quickly, requiring a significant amount of solar energy.

This is why LED lighting is often the best option for growing cannabis; LEDs produce very little heat (which means less water wasted, less heat stress, lower cooling demand and more money saved.). PhotoBio lights are the energy-efficient answer for any cannabis plant.

PhotoBio LED lights use less electricity than standard HIDs, which is great news for both you and your plant. These lights also last around 5,000 hours (which means they will be burning bright for many years to come).

Produce More Product With PhotoBio MX

A grow house isn't complete without the PhotoBio MX. The PhotoBio MX offers a multilayer rack that allows you to double your canopy square footage. Even if you don't have room to expand, this system can help you easily boost production. The light source is located under the fixture to maximize vertical growth area, and it may be remotely mounted.

Whether you are just starting out growing or having your grow system all set up, the PhotoBio light system is the perfect addition. Save money, grow more product and increase your total production in the same square footage. It is easy to set up and use as well as being fully customizable to meet your needs.

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