The Best Weed Growing Supplies of 2022


Whether you’re a first-time weed grower or a seasoned veteran, you want to know the best weed growing supplies on the market to get you started. In this blog we are going to look at some of the best cannabis growing supplies to kick your summer of 2022 into high gear. 

What Are Weed Growing Supplies?

There are many different ways to grow cannabis, whether it be indoors or outdoors. When we talk about cannabis growing supplies, we are referring to everything that is essential to the growing process, including tools or supplies. In this blog, we’ll look at the essential weed growing supplies and talk about decisions growers can expect to make when building their setup.  

Weed Growing Supplies on a Budget

Want to grow weed but don’t want to spend a fortune? Let’s take a look at a list of supplies you can get without a huge investment. To get started on your first growth, you’ll need seeds, a grow light, meters, and nutrients. 

KIND LED Grow Lights X Series XD75 Bar Light

There are cheaper versions of LED grow lights, and one that helps take your grows to the next level is the KIND LED Grow Lights X Series XD75 Bar Light. What also makes this grow light a game-changer is that you can connect the fixtures end to end to create a rigid, stable lightning fixture that can span your entire room. 

Fox Farms Cultivation Nation Products

When looking for a budget-friendly nutrient company, Fox Farms Cultivation Nation is the way to go. With a line that includes Fox Farms Cultivation Grow, Fox Farms Cultivation Micro, and Fox Farms Cultivation Bloom, this three-part feeding program will have your cannabis blooming in no time. 

HM Digital COM-80 EC/TDS/Temperature Waterproof Hydro Tester

If you are looking for an economical, yet reliable EC/TDS meter, the COM-80 is the place to start. For a tester that works right out of the box and will not need calibration, the COM-80 is considered one of the best weed growing supplies at a reasonable price.

Mid-Range Weed Growing Supplies

Cannabis growers are looking for the best cannabis growing supplies, so growers want long-term sustainability.  Spending just a bit more money may get you more bang for your buck.  Let’s take a look at some of the mid-level weed growing supplies that can help yield higher results.

California Lightworks SolarExtreme 500

One of the more in high demand products, the California Lightworks SolarExtreme 500 is one of the best grow lights on the market. Covering all growth phases, the SolarExtreme is effective in both home growing rooms or tents. With revolutionary on-board chip design and a built-in AC drive, the SolarExtreme hits all the marks.


Nutrients are a necessity when delving into home growing, and if you are looking for quality, the FloraFlex line is the way to go. With a two part nutrient series, aiding both vegetative and bloom stages, FloraFlex provides essential nutrients that are needed for vigorous plant growth. 

HM Digital PH-200 Waterproof pH/Temperature Meter

Touted as a quickly working, and accurate meter, the PH-200 Waterproof Temperature Meter is one of the beston the market. A meter that doesn’t need constant calibration, the meter measures pH in a matter of seconds, as well as the fluctuating temperature. Replacement probes are easily reordered and this meter should be trusted more than other cheaper alternatives.

High End Weed Growing Supplies

If it's the best of the best, these are the products you need in your home.  Let’s take a look at the long-term investment products you can get on today’s market.

California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 UVB, 120v

Combining two of the most powerful light growing systems into one, California Lightworks has upped the growth light game. With the UVB 1100 and 120v put together in one package, this is the most powerful grow light in the California Lightworks line. 

Rare Dankness Nutrient Perfecta FORTIFY

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line additive to add to your weed growing supplies, this is the one. Fortifying and strengthening your plant, while adding a bloom booster, FORTIFY allows your plant to be less susceptible to stress and damage. What makes FORTIFY even better, it is compatible with all hydroponic growing systems, as well as injectors and fertigation.

GroStar GS2 Soil pH Pen

If you want a lab grade pH pen for your growth, the GroStar GS2 fits the bill. One of the best meters on the market, quality instruments help produce quality buds.

Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Grow

Before starting your first growth, there is a checklist of weed growing supplies every first-timer may need to go through in order to make sure they are prepared to be successful. You will need  cannabis seeds, grow lights, ventilation, containers, growing mediums, nutrients and water.

While growing cannabis, it is extremely important to plan ahead and keep track of dates, nutrients and watering schedules, training and much more. Everyone was once a beginner, so make sure to do your research and look for questions you may have before diving in.

Cannabis Grow FAQ

Q: My Plant is Sick, What’s Wrong With It?

A: If you are having an issue with nutrient deficiency, check your pH levels before making adjustments to how you feed your plant.  

Q: Why Do I Have to pH my plant’s nutrients?

A: Having the proper pH will make it so your plant can uptake the nutrients it needs at any given time. If you don’t monitor your pH, your plant will show you how hard it can be to take care of.

Q: Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds?

A: You can order seeds online through a secure online seed bank, from a fellow grower or bagseed (the seeds you find in your buds).

Q: How Do I Know When to Harvest?

A: One method is to wait for the white hairs on your bud to start to turn brown and curl in. But, if you are looking for the best time to harvest, grab a magnifying glass and look at the trichomes.

Finding the Best Weed Growing Supplies

If you want the best weed growing supplies online, look no further than Cannaporium. Cannaporium has everything you need to complete a successful growth including grow lights, grow tents, nutrients, meters, pots and containers, irrigation and pumps, and much more. Visit Cannaporium online today. 


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