Top 8 Tips For Growing Weed


Learning how to successfully grow your own cannabis is a gift that keeps on giving. It allows you to consistently produce your own high-quality bud in sizable amounts. And there’s just nothing that compares to being able to smoke your own supply.

Follow these 8 tips for growing weed if you aspire to become an elite cannabis gardener!

1. Check if Its Legal to Grow Cannabis in Your State

The first of our growing weed tips is to make sure you won’t infringe on any laws by growing your own cannabis. A quick tip before growing weed is to familiarize yourself with cannabis regulations in the state you intend to grow in. In California for example, you can grow up to 6 plants in a secured location - meaning, they must be closed and not easily accessible. 

2. Decide if You’re Going to Grow Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors

You might be wondering whether it is best to grow your cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. There is no right answer here. It largely depends on your preference and resources.

Outdoor growing is the cheapest and easiest method for cultivating weed. You won’t need to invest too heavily in grow equipment — Mother Nature will supply the soil, airflow, sunlight, and water. You may have to purchase some sort of irrigation system if it does not rain often in your zone. 

The downside to growing cannabis outdoors is that your plants will be at the mercy of the elements. They could also be on the dinner menu for bugs and animals such as deer. 

To add to this tip for growing weed, cultivating your cannabis plants indoors gives you complete control of the grow environment. Of course, the trade off is that an indoor setup will make your wallet lighter than growing outdoors will. You will need to invest in lighting equipment, fans, nutrients, and more. 

If you have the money and space for it, growing your cannabis indoors can be the most rewarding. Homegrown cannabis cultivated indoors is known for being more potent and of better quality overall. You can also get multiple crops a year indoors vs only 1 when you grow outdoors.

3. Choose a Weed Growing Medium

There are several mediums available for you to use when cultivating your cannabis plants. Follow this tip to growing weed and choose a medium that fits best with your experience and resources. 

Any of the following mediums will be perfect for growing your own cannabis.


Soil is the most commonly used medium for growing cannabis and for good reason. It isn’t the fanciest method but it works. For outdoor growing, you will generally place the seeds or transplants directly into the ground. 

For indoor growing, you can purchase high quality potting soil composed of all the nutrients your cannabis plants will need to thrive. 


You will be pleased by the speedy growth rate and large bud yield of your cannabis plants when you grow them in a soilless medium. The most popular soilless mediums include rockwool, clay, vermiculite, perlite, or coco coir. 


Don’t be intimidated — growing your cannabis hydroponically is simpler than you think. Just choose your hydroponic setup, obtain the right nutrients and germinate your seeds. 

When done properly, growing cannabis hydroponically will generate excellent returns. And your bud potency will be through the roof.

4. Choose the Nutrients for Your Cannabis Plants

Like most plants, cannabis needs to be fed the right nutrients to survive. The type and amount of nutrients you will need to give your plants will depend on the medium you grow them in. 

5. Set Up the Right Lightning

Proper lighting is the crux of a successful cannabis grow. Bad lighting will stunt plant growth and bud production.

If growing outdoors, the sun should provide plenty of light for your plants to soak in. 

Growing your cannabis plants indoors will necessitate an artificial light source. You can rely on one or more types of lighting equipment listed below in your setup.

HID Grow Lights

High-intensity discharge (HID) lights used to be the most commonly used light source for indoor cannabis growers. There are two main types of HID lights to use for your plants: metal halide (MT) and high-pressure sodium (HPS).  

The blue-white light emitted by MT lights makes them optimal for the vegetation phase of your cannabis.

HPS lights emit a red-orange light, which will help facilitate the flowering phase of your plants. 

HID grow lights are very energy intensive and produce a lot of heat. While they are cheaper to buy in the beginning, they will increase your power bill, require more cooling and replacement bulbs.

LED Grow Lights

Using LED grow lights is a valuable tip to growing weed. These lights will provide the fuller light spectrum and produce less heat. The result is bigger and more potent buds with a lower power bill. Some LED grow lights also allow you to change the light spectrum depending on your grow stage with different spectrums for vegetative vs flower phases. Also, since they produce less heat, they can be closer to the plants to increase intensity without burning the plants. Just be careful of the distance and monitor it closely to ensure optimal placement.

Upfront costs for these lights may be pricey, but their high efficiency and long life span will save you in the long run. 

Fluorescent Grow Lights

The relatively low price tag of fluorescent grow lights makes them highly attractive to the beginner cannabis grower. Each light comes fully equipped with a bulb, ballast, and hood. 

Be aware that these lights do lack efficiency, which can jack up your energy bill. They also don’t produce a full spectrum of light and will not yield as high when compared to HID or LED grow lights.

Induction Grow Lights

Magnetic induction grow lights are quickly gaining esteem in the cannabis community. They radiate a spectrum of light which is perfect for the development of your cannabis plants. The bulbs will also withstand thousands of hours of use before you need to replace them. 

A quick tip to growing weed is to avoid plasma induction lights. These lights are missing critical parts of the spectrum needed for plant growth. 

6. For Your First Time, Choose an Easy-to-Grow Cannabis Strain

For this next growing weed tip, it is important that you take the path of least resistance when cultivating cannabis as a beginner. A highly underrated weed growing tip is to pick a strain that is relatively simple to grow for your first time. 

You should avoid high-maintenance strains that will require you to micromanage critical grow elements, such as nutrient regiment. 


7. Keep the Right Temperature and Humidity

Cannabis loves a warm, humid environment. But overly hot or wet conditions can be a detriment to your cannabis plants. Fortunately, growing indoors will give you control over these conditions as long as you deploy the right equipment

Simply installing a dehumidifier and an air conditioner will go a long way. You can even use a fan or two in lieu of an air conditioning unit if you’d like. 

8. Buy the Right Equipment to Grow Weed

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