Treat Your Pet to CBD For National Dog Day 2022


Whether they’re a childhood friend or a lifelong companion, dogs hold a special place in our hearts. What better way to celebrate all that our four-legged friends do for us than to go all out for National Dog Day in 2022!

What is National Dog Day? 

So, what is National Dog Day? National Dog Day is held each year on August 26th. This holiday was first recognized by founder Colleen Paige, an author, dog trainer, rescue advocate, and Pet and Family Lifestyle expert. Paige nominated August 26th, the day her own family brought home her beloved family rescue dog, as a day to recognize how important pups can be in our lives and promote adoption from shelters and rescues.  

Why is National Dog Day Celebrated? 

What is National Dog Day aiming to celebrate? It was created to shine the spotlight on dogs of all breeds, promote the many ways that dogs make our lives better, and raise awareness for dogs in shelters and rescues in need of adoption. Paige created the National Dog Day platform to raise awareness of the many ways families can look into rescuing or adopting their next furry friend instead of turning to more inhumane and unsafe breeding practices. 

For those who already have a pup at home, this holiday is simply a wonderful opportunity to shower their companion with love and give them a day that’s just a little extra special. 

Treat Your Dog to Top Quality CBD This National Dog Day!

For this National Dog Day, consider the many ways CBD could be the perfect gift for your furry friend. From health benefits to fun treats, your dog will be barking for more after trying CBD for dogs. 

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. CBD is a natural substance that comes from the hemp or marijuana plant. Unlike recreational marijuana, hemp derived products have less than 0.3% THC. This means that CBD for dogs could provide many positive effects for a pet, but would not have any mind altering or dangerous effects.

Benefits of CBD For Dogs

CBD for dogs can have many positive and therapeutic effects. As CBD works within the body, it can help with everything from immune support to pain relief. 

  • Pain Relief: CBD can help to manage pain for pets in their joints and other parts of the body without the side effects that some pain medication can cause. 
  • Body Support: Dogs can experience overall support and healthy maintenance for their gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, and immune system.  
  • Anxiety Support: Many dogs suffer from anxiety and separation issues from their owners. CBD for dogs can help mediate some anxiety and fear for pups while they’re home alone or out and about. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Another common issue dogs face comes with inflammation and skin problems. CBD can help naturally reduce inflammation and clear up itchy skin. 
  • Seizure Reduction: As with in humans, CBD can support those pups with seizure or convulsion issues by reducing symptoms. 

How Can CBD Help Dogs?

CBD offers a wide range of benefits for dogs without many of the issues and symptoms that come with some medications or treatments. Beyond the positives, they also come in many forms, from chews to topical creams, so your pup will find a CBD form they love most. 

Order CBD Online For Your Dog Today!

With National Dog Day rolling around soon, don’t waste any more time. Order CBD for dogs now to make your friend’s tail wag a little extra. Check out a few of Cannaporium’s gift ideas to make your pup’s day special. 

CBD Tinctures For Dogs

Our full spectrum Fetch CBD tinctures for dogs is an oil-based way to give your pup all the benefits of a CBD product. Our tinctures contain all the natural and healing ingredients from the hemp plant without any artificial add-ins or preservatives. 

Fetch CBD Dog Treats 300mg

If your pooch is looking for something a little more fun for National Dog Day, check out CBD dog treat options. These chewy treats offer all the same benefits of CBD oil in a dog’s favorite package. 

Choose Cannaporium for Your CBD Dog Treats

National Dog Day is coming up on August 26th, so make sure you’ve got a treat and celebratory day planned for your lifelong companion or your new-found furry friend. To grab your dog a treat they’re bound to love, shop online at Cannaporium today. 


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