What Plants Not to Use Neem Oil On


Neem oil for plants is the most powerful natural pesticide available. It packs a punch that the majority of natural pest repellents just can’t duplicate. This makes neem oil a great alternative to chemical pesticides.

Its high potency might have you wondering if neem oil is safe for your plants.

For many plants, neem oil is completely harmless if used properly. But should you use it on leaf vegetables like lettuce and spinach? What about herbs such as cilantro, basil, or thyme?

Read below for guidance on what plants not to use neem oil on and how to prepare your own neem oil spray to protect your garden. 

What Is Neem Oil Used For?

If you find yourself asking “what is neem oil used for?” here’s what you need to know. Neem oil is a completely natural, non-toxic pesticide. It is one of the few natural pesticides that is strong enough to completely neutralize pests. This makes neem oil highly popular in the organic gardening community.

To deter pests such as spider mites and aphids, you will spray your entire plant with neem oil. The oil will then be ingested by any bug that chomps on your leaves. The active ingredient in the neem oil, Azadirachtin, will quickly work to disrupt the appetite and hormone systems of the pests. 

Once you begin using neem oil in your garden you will notice a rapid reduction in leaf-munching pests.

Can Neem Oil Kill Plants?

To answer the question of can neem oil kill plants, in most cases neem oil will be safe to use on your plants as long as you follow proper spraying protocol. But if you’re not careful, you can damage your plants with neem oil. 

It is important that you do not spray neem oil on your plants during the daytime when the sun is shining bright. Direct sunlight will cook the oil and cause the plant leaves to burn. Mature plants likely won’t die from it, but their growth could be stunted. Young plants and seedlings stand a much greater risk of perishing from the burn. 

To avoid frying your plants, spray them with neem oil in the evenings when the hot sun is no longer a threat.

You should also make sure that the plants you intend to spray neem oil on are tolerant to it. Most are, but not all.

Which Plants Don’t Like Neem Oil?

Neem oil for plants is an excellent alternative to chemical insecticides. But not all plants respond well to neem oil. Garden plants with delicate foliage are sensitive to neem oil and can get foliage burn even if you spray them at the right time. 

It is important that you know which of your plants not to use neem oil on so you don’t cause them unintentional harm. 

Neem Sensitive Plants

So which plants don’t like neem oil? 

Most garden herbs are quite sensitive to neem oil. Steer clear of spraying it on herbs such as cilantro, basil, thyme, and dill. 

You should also avoid spraying neem oil on delicate leaf vegetables like lettuce and spinach. 

Neem Tolerant Plants

Most of your plants will respond well to neem oil. 

Common garden vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and broccoli will all be fine if you spray them with neem oil properly. 

How to Prepare Neem Oil Spray for Plants

Once you know what neem oil is used for and which plants will tolerate it, you can make your own neem oil pesticide spray.

Preparing your own spray is simple and cost effective. All you need is pure neem oil, warm water, and dish soap. 

You will create a mixture using a teaspoon of neem oil, a quart of warm water, and ⅓ teaspoon of dish soap. Shake or stir the ingredients together and add the mixture to a garden sprayer or spray bottle. 

All that is left to do is pressurize your sprayer, and voila, you have one potent pest repellent spray. 

Buy Neem Oil Online

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