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Buddha Beans Coffee Review

by David Bray

Have you tried CBD coffee? If you want to make your daily dose of CBD a pleasurable experience, then try adding it to your morning cup of joe!

At Cannaporium, we all love Buddha Beans coffee. The coffee beans are ethically sourced from various countries around the globe, and they support fair trade practices. The hemp is organically grown on a family farm in Oregon, and the coffee beans are roasted and infused in LA. It’s an all-around great brand that really cares about its customers and its products. The packaging design is great, too!

How to Prepare Buddha Beans Coffee

The best way to get the most flavor out of your coffee? Grind the beans fresh right before using them, and then prepare your coffee with a French press or a manual pour over.

The Single-Origin Varieties I Tried

Each of the three varieties I tried were great! The beans are definitely high in quality, and the hemp oil did not detract from their flavor or aroma. Coffee’s strong, bitter flavors do an excellent job of masking the CBD taste.

·         Burundi

This was a very smooth coffee with sweet and nutty flavors. The packaging says it has flavors of “cinnamon, honey, vanilla & caramel.” I was especially excited to try the Burundi variety because I had never had coffee from this region before. It ended up being my favorite!

·         Mexico

This one smelled great from the moment I opened the package! Another rich and smooth variety with notes of “dark chocolate, hazelnut & citrus.” I loved the aroma and flavor.

·         Ethiopia

This variety had a bright flavor with notes of “caramel, green tea, jasmine & lemon.” To me, it tasted and smelled like dark chocolate! Acidic coffees are not usually my jam– but I genuinely enjoyed it! If you like more citrusy, floral coffees, then you’ll love it.

My Thoughts

For me, the effects of the CBD coffee weren’t dramatic, but they were noticeable throughout the rest of the morning. I felt more able to focus on work, and it had a subtle relaxing effect on my body as well.

I’ve heard from others that CBD coffee helps to cut down on the jitters. I don’t usually get caffeine jitters unless I have several cups of coffee in one day or I’m particularly nervous about something. I think I’ll have to switch to CBD coffee on busy, stressful days and see if it helps!

I tried this coffee black and with creamer. It tasted good both ways! One of the times that I added creamer, it didn’t blend in perfectly with the coffee – probably because of the hemp oil in the coffee, though I’m not sure. It looked different, but it didn’t taste any different.

Is CBD Coffee For You?

If you like coffee and you’re bored of taking CBD tinctures or capsules, then you’ll like CBD coffee! I also think CBD coffee would be a great gift for any coffee lover. It’s something fun and interesting to try. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have extra health benefits. I’ve heard others report that their older parents enjoyed CBD coffee as a part of their morning routine, noting that it’s easier for them to integrate CBD into their daily life when it is added to coffee.