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Can CBD Imrove Your Sex Life?

by David Bray

Wondering if you should introduce CBD into the bedroom? Today’s innovative CBD brands make it easier than ever to do so!

CBD is well-known for its relaxing effects. There’s also evidence that it may help increase circulation and soothe discomfort. All these properties can make CBD a promising addition to your sex life! Here are some CBD products to try.

Spice It Up with Sensual Bath Products

Spice things up with sensual bath and body products! These Kush Queen Love Bath Bombs are infused with the hottest chemical compound around… CBD, of course! The aroma (which comes from hand-selected essential oils) was created specifically with romance in mind. They utilize the Entourage Effect to create a sensual, aromatherapeutic full-body experience with cannabinoids and 100% organic essential oils.

Make It More Enjoyable with CBD Lubricant

Many people don’t realize how important lubricant is. Kush Queen Ignite Lubricant is one of the best CBD lubes out there. It’s a tried-and-true product that employs transdermal nano CBD particles, which allow for rapid results due to the small size of the particles. The CBD particles can absorb right through your skin and into your bloodstream to provide amazing effects!

The best thing about this CBD lube is that it’s water-based, not oil-based. This means you can use it with latex condoms and silicone toys. It’s a paraben-free, petrochemical-free, latex-compatible wonder! In addition to providing lubrication, this CBD-infused product may help reduce stress and discomfort while increasing pleasurable sensations, allowing you to enjoy sex more.

Create a Sensory Experience with Massage Oil

A good massage can melt away stress and tension and bring you into the moment with your partner. It is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy one another’s company, in or out of the bedroom. Massage oil or massage lotion makes a massage even more special, relaxing, and luxurious. Why pay for a spa day if you can get a fantastic massage at home with CBD massage oil?

CBDFX Rejuvediol™ CBD Massage Oil is aromatherapeutic and soothing, providing a spa-like experience. It is smooth and silky to allow for a gentle and effective massage. It’s made with pure, ethically-sourced, and all-natural botanical ingredients to get your evening off to a great start.

Illuminent Massage Lotion is infused with full-spectrum CBD oil and is designed to melt away stress and tension. It will leave your skin soft and touchable while relaxing your muscles. It also has a luxurious, aromatherapeutic scent from essential oils. You can use it generously all over your body to improve relaxation and to moisturize your skin.

Give Yourself Some TLC

The Quim Smooth Operator is a relaxing serum that is rich in CBD (100mg of it!) and designed to increase blood flow while decreasing the risk of pain and inflammation. Though designed for women, this organic and vegan product is safe to use with or without a partner and is completely safe to use with latex condoms. This luxurious serum has soothing and balancing properties to keep everything running smoothly.

With these CBD products, you can banish stress and discomfort from the bedroom once and for all!