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Parenting & CBD: How Parents Can Use CBD at Home

by David Bray

When it comes to parenting, a parent's love for their child knows no bounds. Even so, it can be stress-inducing to be in the same space as them 24/7 for weeks on end! In normal times, we can all get a change of pace when the kids go to school or daycare, and we can also get out of the house more often as we go to work, the grocery store, and maybe even a fun night out here and there.

However, during this current reality, it's become increasingly more difficult to relieve anxiety and stress at home. One child can produce enough noise and chaos to exhaust any parent, and caring for more than one child at a time can test your levels of anxiety and mental health. So how can you support your physical and mental health to help you continue to be the best parent you can be? We have a few ideas - read on to hear our input!


What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most prevalent and commonly isolated cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana plants, and it has been especially popular throughout the past decade for its calming, pain-reducing effects. Many hemp strains are cultivated to contain very high levels of CBD, and it is marketed to address a variety of issues in both humans and pets. While CBD and THC are the most prominent and well-studied cannabinoids in the plant, they are not the only ones that are worth your time! To find out more about the different cannabinoids, dive into this article.


Add Some Exercise Into Your Day

You may already be getting plenty of exercise. In that case, great! But if you feel like you need to get moving a little bit more, if you're trying to get healthier, or if you want to spend more time outside, then exercising is a great thing to do! However, recovery after exercise is just as important as the workout itself! CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help your body in many ways. It can reduce pain, which can help with the soreness you may feel after a workout. It can help with sleep, which may aid in muscle recovery. As CBD acts upon your endocannabinoid receptors, it supports many of the functions that are necessary for your muscles and ligaments to rest and repair themselves between workouts. You can include your children in your daily exercise routine, but if you need to get away, then do your best to take this time for yourself. It can really help clear your mind in addition to strengthening your body!


Incorporate CBD Into Your Routine

There are few things worse for your overall health than stress. If you're feeling stress or anxiety due to the pandemic and being on 24/7 childcare duty, then you should do whatever you can to mitigate that stress. Stress can lead to irritability, low energy, headaches, sleep problems, raised blood pressure and other symptoms, and it can have a long-term impact on your health and vitality. When you are stressed, your body releases chemicals like adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. One of the cool things about CBD is that it can act upon the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain, central nervous system, and organs to calm feelings of stress and anxiety.



Is CBD Really a Good Option in Stressful Times

CBD is not FDA-approved as an anti-anxiety treatment, but with few to no side effects (along with some promising preliminary research!) this natural, plant-based compound may be just the thing for your daily self-care routine. Living a hectic life is bad for your health, and mitigating stress is so important. You can get your daily dose via hemp-based CBD oil, capsules, edibles (like CBD-infused chocolate!), beverages, and more. You can also relax and give yourself a spa experience with CBD bath and body products. And if your muscles and joints are feeling sore from your workout, CBD muscle and joint relief cream can be a big help.