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Taking a dip into heavenly warm water infused with CBD and lavender will leave you wondering where this product has been your entire life! This bath salt is filled with 100mg of high quality, organically grown CBD in each pouch. The botanical extracts, mineral-rich Celtic sea salt and organically grown hemp will help you ease the tension and built-up stress from your work week. This bath salt also doubles as an exfoliator: combine with your favorite body wash and lather on your body to instantly see impurities fall away. Once you towel off, you’ll bask in how glowing and smooth your skin is. This is a fantastic present for close friends and family, because each lovely scent has its own attributes and qualities — exactly like the best people in your life! Disclaimer: Best enjoyed with chill music and a burning candle.

CBD Infused Bath Salts

Regardless of what your daily routine is, stress always finds a way to creep in. There are many factors that cause you to feel wound up… and if you don’t take a moment for self-care once in a while, stress can get the best of you. Let’s stop it before it gets that far with a relaxing soak filled with CBDfx Hemp Tranquil Soak Bath Salts. Taking a warm, private bath to relax has been a surefire way to chill for centuries — think back to the Roman Baths! So take this tried and true indulgence with a modern twist that incorporates 100mg of solvent-free, lab-tested CBD in every bag! 

Hot water helps these CBDfx Bath Salts journey into your skin, through the pores and deep into tired muscles. The Celtic sea salt will charge the water with its natural electrolytes that will leave your muscles relaxed and help to balance minerals in the body. The included hand-picked essential oils were curated to efficiently target the accumulated stress that tends to happen over many months — or even years! CBDfx believes every single product and batch should be of the highest quality for our customers. That’s why we submit our products to third-party, independent labs for testing to ensure all products are up to our standards. The results of those tests are made publicly available to you, right from the labs themselves.

Every ingredient in our CBD bath salts is 100% natural. We use organic lavender, bergamot and jasmine essential oil to make sure you feel your best. These hand-picked botanicals are meant to serve all your senses with relaxation and aromatherapy. Lavender helps relieve and soothe skin caused by cold or changing weather. Bergamot and Jasmine help as well, but on top of everything — they smell absolutely wonderful together! These three ingredients combined will melt away all the stresses that weigh on us from the world. So draw that bath and relax: you and your body deserve it!


  • Sodium Chloride 
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Dendritic Salt
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Jasmine Absolute 
  • Hemp Extract


  1. What amount of CBD bath salts do I put into my bathtub?
    • While bathtub sizes vary, the recommended amount is adding two heaping handfuls while the water is running. Add more or less to fit your preferences!
  2. If I want to make it into a CBD body scrub, how much do I use?
    • Start with a small handful of CBD bath salts, then your pour body wash into your hands and begin scrubbing away!
  3. How do I make CBD body scrub myself?
    • Find an empty container with an opening, such as a pump. Mix part bath salt and part body wash into the bottle. Depending on how exfoliating you want to get, the measurements of each in the bottle is up to you. You can’t go wrong whichever way you choose! 
  4. What if my skin’s feeling irritated? Can I still use these? 
    • CBDfx doesn’t recommend using bath salts if you have any open scabs or overly irritated skin. Chapped skin will be fine to use with this product, just use slow, circular motions over the areas. 
  5. Will CBD bath salts get me high?
    • Bath Salts by CBDfx will not get you high in any way. This product is non-psychoactive and meant for topical use only.
  6. Why should I choose CBDfx Bath Salts?
    • CBDfx uses a third party laboratory to test all products and batches. With us, you’ll know everything is 100% up to your standards. These bath salts are safe and all-natural, so you can relax even more knowing this product is of the highest quality. 
  7. Why Peppermint and Lavender oils for these products?
    • Peppermint is great for the skin and muscles while awakening your senses
    • Lavender calms and takes away built-up stress
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