CVault Cultivator 4 Liter - 4 Pack

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To ensure that your hard work doesn't go bad over a period of time. This CVault storage container can hold 1/2 lb of product. These containers are good for short term or long term storage. Along with the Boveda humidity pack, these airtight containers are well suited to keep your product protected from light, and excess moisture over prolonged periods of time. By investing in one or more of these containers you will notice that the contents will have a more robust flavor, improve quality, and overall taste.  You can enjoy your harvest for months to come. This is an awesome size for a medium grow or back of house storage. The CVault is very effective in ensuring humidity control, freshness, and weight control. Constructed with 304 food-grade stainless steel, so it is easy to use, clean & sanitize.

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Manufacturer CVault
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