Starter Grow Bundle #1

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Are you ready to start growing your own weed but not sure what to get? We have assembled a great starter package for the entry level grower. You get your choice of 2 great LED lights that will provide great results without adding too much heat or cost to your electric bill. You will also get a Trim Bin set for trimming up all that dank bud and not making a mess or loosing all that precious kief. Lastly, you will need somewhere to cure and store that bud with your choice of 2 x 1L Herb Guard UV Glass jars or 2 x CVault Medium storage containers.

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Gorilla Grow Tent 2x2.5   + $177.26
Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit - Grow, Boost, Bloom   + $99.95
Harvest More - Trim Bin Complete Set   + $59.99

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Starter Grow Bundle #1

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