Herb Guard Premium Smell Proof Bag (11X6 inches)

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HG Premium Smell Proof Bag 11X6
  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY LOCKS IN ALL SCENTS & SMELLS - Have full confidence knowing the Smell Proof Bags contain all smells while keeping your goods fresh! Works perfect as a Case for All Vapes as well as Pax 2 & 3
  • STORES 2 TO 3 OUNCES OF YOUR FAVORITE GOODS - The 11x6 inch bag is the perfect size! Large enough for plenty of storage yet compact & light enough for easy travel!
  • COMES WITH TWO 4x6 INCH RESEALABLE BAGS - Store your consumable goods with our resealable travel baggies. Keep your goods fresh and separate from other items you store in the odor proof bag

Herb Guard - Discreet, 100% Smell Proof Bag (11x6 inches)

Holds 2 to 3 oz's and Keeps Goods Fresh! The Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag is a compact 11 inch by 6 inch bag that holds all of your favorite goods with complete smell proof protection. A discreet and stylish bag, designed with you in mind.

Each bag has a double seal consisting of a zipper and inner velcro connection as well as a smell proof carbon lining that traps and eliminates all scents and smells. With a tough and durable exterior, the Herb Guard bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting your coffee, teas, dried foods, herbs and spices.

The Perfect Size Bag - Holds Up to 2 Ounces

The smell proof pouch measures at 11 inches by 6 inches and holds up to 2 ounces of your favorite contents. The bag is compact enough to travel with and store in your luggage or home, yet large enough to hold 2 ounces of your favorite smelly goods.


The bag is lined with a carbon fiber, smell proof inner lining. This lining contains tiny pores and pockets that trap any smells that your goods give off. The carbon lining along with a double velcro seal makes the bag 100% smell proof!

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