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Smokineer: The Nomad Outdoor Smoking Device

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Consider the Nomad your trusted piece of outdoor gear to keep channeling The Stoke in every adventure. Comprised of durable, rugged silicone and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum components that fit together for your unique high-functioning lifestyle, the Nomad delivers all the convenience you need to pack the plant you revere, and pioneer onward. It features a six-piece interconnected construction consisting of a main body, container, packer, pipe, lid, and cap.


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  • Durable, rugged, and functional self-contained smoking device
  • High quality silicone and anodized aluminum components
  • Mini-lighter (sold separately) compartment
  • Large built-in storage compartment
  • Internal bowl packer, connected to storage
  • Tethered pipe cap doubling as a wind block for use in the wind and rain
  • Strategically placed seals for water resistance and child safety


Durability Quick-Hits All-Weather 
Built for the long haul and The Stoke, The Nomad is an outdoor smoking device comprised of durable, rugged silicone and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum components that slide in lockstep with your unique high-functioning lifestyle. Wherever adventure leads, The Nomad is ready for it all. Cast aside your vapes and reach for the all-in-one weatherproof pipe and lighter combo that’s engineered to amaze and never let you down. It's the ultimate outdoor smoking device that you can take anywhere. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, high winds, all kinds of inclement weather — it doesn’t matter when you're using our weatherproof smoking device. The enclosed outer shell keeps you locked into The Stoke regardless of the conditions you encounter.



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