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Smokineer: The Nomad Outdoor Smoking Device

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Consider the Nomad your trusted piece of outdoor gear to keep channeling The Stoke in every adventure. Comprised of durable, rugged silicone and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum components that fit together for your unique high-functioning lifestyle, the Nomad delivers all the convenience you need to pack the plant you revere, and pioneer onward. It features a six-piece interconnected construction consisting of a main body, container, packer, pipe, lid, and cap.


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  • Durable, rugged, and functional self-contained smoking device
  • High quality silicone and anodized aluminum components
  • Mini-lighter (sold separately) compartment
  • Large built-in storage compartment
  • Internal bowl packer, connected to storage
  • Tethered pipe cap doubling as a wind block for use in the wind and rain
  • Strategically placed seals for water resistance and child safety