Roll Your Own

Want to Roll Your Own?

Rolling papers are the original way to smoke cannabis. They come in several shapes and sizes to fit any need or style.

Rolling papers come in a several standard sizes:

  • Single wide (70mm x 36mm) is the standard size for rolling papers.
  • One and a quarter or (78mm x 44mm) is the most common size, holding about 25% more flower than single wide papers.
  • One and a half or (78mm x 60mm) is the same length as 1¼ papers and holds about 50% more flower than single wide papers.
  • 84mm (84mm x 44mm) provides extra length to the 1¼ paper.
  • Double wide (78mm x 88mm) is the same length as 1¼ and 1½ papers and holds twice the amount of flower as single wide papers, creating a thick and short joint.
  • King size (110mm x 54mm) is the largest standard size available, ideal for sharing with small groups.
  • King slim (110mm x 44mm) is about as long as king size papers and as thin as 1 ¼ papers, resulting in a long, thin roll.


What makes up a rolling paper?

Rolling papers are made of a variety of different substances, each with their own characteristics. The three most popular materials for rolling papers are wood pulp, hemp, and rice.

Wood pulp is the classic material for rolling papers as this kind of rolling paper has been around for ages. It is easily the most common type of rolling paper in the market. Wood pulp is also the material used in cigarette papers. A major advantage of wood pulp rolling papers is that they are easy to roll, which is a huge plus for beginner joint rollers.

Experienced rollers may prefer rice rolling paper, which is notoriously hard to roll but excels in other areas where wood pulp rolling paper disappoint. Rice rolling papers are incredibly thin, and they don’t alter the taste of your smoke. They also burn very slowly, so joint smokers can get the most out of their flower.

Hemp rolling papers have risen in popularity over the last two decades. The biggest appeal to hemp rolling papers is that encasing your flower with hemp papers creates a 100% cannabis product. Hemp rolling papers compare exceptionally well with rice and wood pulp. Hemp papers are easier to roll than rice rolling papers. They maintain a slow burn, and they don’t leave an apparent chemical taste unlike wood pulp rolling papers.

Rolling papers come with an adhesive gum strip made from Acacia tree sap that helps keep the joint together. Like an envelope, the seal is activated by licking the gum strip.

Rolling paper accessories

Joints are one of the most popular methods of smoking because of the minimal tools required – rolling paper, some flower, and a lighter or matchbook. The following accessories will maximize the level of convenience for your joint rolling customers.

Rolling tips help keeps the joint’s shape when it’s rolled up, so nothing goes to waste. It also functions as a filter, preventing large particles from getting sucked through and inhaled. Lastly, rolling tips will keep your fingers and lips safe from any burns.

Rolling trays keep joint rolling tools in one place and messes contained. The flat surface of the rolling tray provides stability and rolling ease. Available in multiple sizes and a vast array of designs, there will always be a rolling tray that fits your customer’s rolling capabilities and their personality.

Rolling machines automate the rolling process, which can be incredibly useful for joint smokers with hand mobility and dexterity issues and anyone who just wants to eliminate the prep work.

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