When you place Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control inside your cannabis/hemp container, Boveda begins to work right away. Immediacy is a priority—because when terps are at risk, there’s not a moment to lose.

The all-natural salt and water solution starts to regulate the relative humidity inside your container and creates a monolayer shield of purified water over the trichome.

All the essential elements responsible for the cannabis/hemp experience, including terpenes and cannabinoids, are housed in the trichome. And the terpenes found therein are essential to the desired smell and effect in cannabis and hemp.

Boveda’s patented packaging allows only purified water released into the container. Only this vigilant humidity shield can protect the terpenes from evaporation that can occur in the cannabis curing process.




That cannabis aroma you love? Give props to drying and curing. It’s during these finishing stages that cannabis and hemp mature. The smell gets better and becomes more potent. But more importantly, properly curing cannabis reduces its harshness.

Once it’s dried, you can prevent flower from accidentally overdrying while it cures by storing cannabis and hemp buds in airtight containers, like jars. Periodically, the jars are “burped” over 14 to 60 days. Opening and closing the lids lets gas out and allows fresh oxygen to enter to regulate the humidity.

Burping cannabis containers isn’t necessary when you use Boveda. Boveda works automatically to regulate moisture to achieve and maintain the precise relative humidity (RH) that’s printed on the pack—even if flower was dried below the intended humidity level, or was not dried enough.


While in the airtight containers, cannabis/hemp continues to age for days or weeks. Internal chemical processes take place that transform the fresh cut plant material into a fully developed product ready for consumption. Even in tightly sealed airtight containers, cannabis/hemp will lose over 40% of terpenes—the aroma, flavor and effect users love—if left unprotected.


terpenes without and with boveda

Only Boveda creates a shield over the trichome to protect the terpenes from evaporation. The shield also preserves the fragrant aroma until it’s released when the consumer grinds and uses the cannabis/hemp. Because of the terpene shield, the earthy perfume is more potent and the experience stronger. You’ll also discover that the feel and texture of your bud is improved with Boveda.

Precise humidity helps cannabis “squish” to the touch and create a new desired experience.