CBD Beverages

Cannaporium offers some of the best CBD-infused beverages on the market. Whether you’re looking for a delicious coffee to start your day or a great recovery drink after your workout, Cannaporium’s CBD beverages are a must. Many of our products contain between 50 to 300 mg of high-quality CBD isolate with less than 0.3% THC content.

A CBD-infused beverage is excellent for inflammation after a workout or reduces the jitters often associated with coffee. Our CBD beverages replenish nutrients and fortify your immune system. If you’re looking for a palatable option for taking CBD, then a drink is the way to go:

  • High Potency CBD
  • Third-party Tested
  • Delicious Flavor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently asked questions about our CBD beverages:

How much CBD is in a cup of CBD-infused coffee?

A cup of Buddha Beans coffee has about 5 mg of potent CBD. For a higher dosage, we recommend drinking 1-3 cups of CBD coffee per day

Does the CBD potency diminish from the boiling water?

Hot water actually activates and releases the CBD from the coffee bean. So water that has just finished boiling is ideal for maximum potency. A French press is also an optimal method for brewing CBD coffee

Do CBD drinks have any side effects?

While most people tolerate CBD drinks with little to no side effects, some have experienced:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue

If you notice any of these symptoms, you may want to lower your dose of CBD

If you take prescription medication, you may not want to take CBD because it can amplify these side effects, and it may alter the effects of your prescription medication. Talk to your doctor before taking CBD with other meds.

Specific Uses of the Product

Here are some usage ideas for our CBD beverages:

CBD Infused Coffee:

  • Replace your regular morning coffee with a CBD coffee
  • Use it for baking

CBD Hydration/Protein/Recovery Drinks:

  • Drink before your workout to enhance performance
  • Drink after your workout to replenish nutrients and reduce inflammation

Who It’s For vs. Who It’s Not For

Our CBD products are ideal for adults wanting a CBD boost to their daily beverages that help their performance. Whether it’s to get rid of the jitters and stay more focused with a CBD-infused coffee or to repair and replenish your body after a hard workout, Cannaporium beverages can help.

These drinks are not intended for children.

CBD Beverages are a Rejuvenating Alternative

By replacing your coffee or recovery drink with a CBD-infused beverage, you’ll get the best of both worlds—the healing benefits of CBD coupled with a great-tasting coffee or recovery drink. Incorporate your CBD supplement into your daily routine with a CBD drink.

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