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Have you been thinking about starting home growing but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea. Home growing leads to a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it can also result in higher quality products and lower environmental impact. All you need is some grow equipment so let’s get started!

Don’t spend time doing endless research. We’ve got everything you need to start growing at home. 

What is Grow Equipment for Cannabis? 

Growing cannabis can be done at home with a few simple pieces of grow equipment. From propagation to harvest, Cannaporium has everything you need to turn out a high-quality crop. 


Once you’ve propagated your seeds, adding nutrients to your soil can make all the difference in your final product. Cannaporium carries over 50 nutrient and fertilizer products in a variety of formulations to support soil and plant health, control pH, and reduce unnecessary minerals. Don’t worry – we have organic options, too. 


Growing cannabis requires a specific environment, so you will need to grow equipment to measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in your growing area. Cannaporium carries pH pens, hydro testers, and other accessories you will need to control your environment

Grow Lights

Plants can’t thrive without plenty of good light, so grow lights are one of the most important pieces of grow equipment. You’ll need to grow lights strong enough to provide intense light in a total wattage based on the area your plants will cover. Cannaporium carries an array of LED grow lights in various sizes and wattages to meet all your growing needs.

Why You Need Grow Equipment for Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a little more complex than planting a few tomato plants in your home garden. Cannabis can be a bit high maintenance, but if all its conditions are met it will thrive. Soil and fertilizer from your local garden center will likely not be balanced properly to enhance the growth of cannabis. If you are growing cannabis indoors, you will not have success growing with regular household lighting. When you decide to grow cannabis at home, you want to make the most of your investment. Cannaporium offers affordable options for effective, high-quality growing equipment. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor Grow Equipment

The type of equipment you need will vary depending on if you will be growing cannabis indoors or outdoors. 

Indoor Grow Equipment

If you are growing indoors, select a soil that has good water retention and drainage, and invest in fertilizer and pH control for optimal yields. Plants should be potted in durable containers that allow for drainage. You will also need meters that track the temperature and humidity of your grow room and pH and water levels in the soil.

When you start growing cannabis indoors, grow tents are a good idea to create a growing space without making a permanent space in your home. Grow tents create a contained area that increases yields and efficiency. They capture all the reflected light and make sure it is redistributed back into the canopy. Grow lights and ventilation can be attached to the inside of the grow tent, and Cannaporium carries a variety of grow tent kits that have all the grow equipment you will need. 

Outdoor Grow Equipment

Growing cannabis outdoors requires less equipment, but you still have options to enhance your growth. You can grow your cannabis directly in the soil or in pots. Like indoor potted growing, you’ll need to monitor soil conditions and treat with fertilizer for the best yield. In this scenario, you’ll need the same meters as growing indoors.

Another option for outdoor growing is using a hydroponic system, which grows the plant in nutrient-rich water rather than soil. You can place your system outdoors to harvest the natural light of the sun and reduce the expense of indoor growing. Cannaporium carries an array of grow equipment to help support hydroponic growing.

Grow Equipment FAQs

What is a Ventilation System? 

A ventilation system helps control odors and promote airflow through your indoor growing area by using carbon filters.

What is UV Light Protection?

If you are growing outdoors in the sun or indoors using UV grow lights, you will need protection from the harmful rays. Be sure to wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and clothing that fully covers your skin when you will be exposed to UV rays. 

What is Humidity Control?

You need to control the humidity in your growing environment to prevent the growth of mold or any microbes that can destroy your crop. Proper humidity can help your plants grow to their fullest potential. 

What is Trimming Equipment?

Before it can be used, cannabis needs to be free of sticks and leaves. Trimming equipment can help make the trimming process more efficient. 

Why Do I Need a Magnifying Glass?

A magnifying glass with LED lights is very useful for spotting contaminants like mold and bugs in your crops. You can also use a magnifying glass to check for an indication that your plants are ready to harvest.


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