The AC Infinity Bowl Trimmer is a game-changer for cannabis cultivators. This revolutionary trimmer is designed to make trimming quick and effortless, with both a straight-edge and a serrated blade for versatile trimming options. Whether you prefer dry trimming or wet trimming, this trimmer can handle it all with high volume processing capabilities.
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If you love trimming, and you want the best possible results, surgically trimming with scissors is going to be your best bet. Cultivators must make the choice between machine and hand trimming. Machine trimming has high upfront costs, decreased quality, but is fast. Traditional hand trimming can preserve quality if done carefully, but is the slowest method and comes at a premium cost. Using the brushing system, especially the assembly line method, preserves quality, improves speed, lowers costs, and is overall just more enjoyable.
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Say good-bye to gross gummy blades, sticky rags and sloshy jars the Scissor Scrubber gets the job done without a big fuss and NO MESS! The Harvest More scissor cleaning system is efficient and portable. Keep your extra pair of snips at the ready while trimming then swap them out with your sticky scissors you won't be slowed down by sticky scissors with the Scrubber on hand. Sticky scissors waste time! Clean scissors trim faster!
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The Trim Bin by Harvest More is the premier trim tray on the market for trimming your cannabis buds. Sturdy and ergonomically designed, Trim Bin creates a comfortable workstation for stress-free trimming sessions and high yields. Trim Bin is easy to carry and simple to clean and will keep your scene organized and efficient.
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Trim Fast Premium Ergonomic Pruners from Hydrofarm are our most comfortable pruners yet. We’ve taken the sleek, curved, razor-sharp blades from our lightweight pruners and combined them with a larger, patented handle design. These unique handles will keep your fingers in place – no more slipping!  The finger notches help you grip comfortably while maximizing leverage. These pruners incorporate strong springs and an extra-large slide lock along with a curved blade shape for detailed trim work. Comfort-designed for hardworking hands Curved, narrow blades for precision Strong spring and slide lock Protective sheath
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The Trim Bag Dry Trimmer is more than a trimmer. It's an entire production line in a bag. For cannabis trimming, the Trim Bag is a high-quality and efficient choice. The dry trimming system includes a unique design in which the flower consistently falls into the chute for perfect trimmings every time. There's also no need to cut your flowers through multiple layers of leaves and stems like you would with a hand-trimmer or scissors.
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