Full-bodied French Fork roast is balanced with high-intensity flavor, dark undertones and a smooth caramel finish
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Landon Harmon, CEO of Bearded Man, says “I will put our French Roast toe to toe against any other French roast out there!”
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Signature Infusion with cinnamon and turmeric was inspired by our mission to restore physical and mental well-being. Warm and creamy caramely turmeric with cinnamon and spice undertone. Notes of unsweetened maple. Slightly acidic and well balanced. Very similar to traditional golden milk with similar benefits.
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Featuring notes of cayenne pepper and vanilla, plus a high caffeine level, this coffee blend brings an ass-kicking synonymous with the Army’s hardest soldiers.
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Ditch that old cup o’ Joe and brew a fresh pot of Floyd’s Stage 17.
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