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The Air-Pot® is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. This revolutionary approach to containerizing plants and trees produces fabulous, non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container.
airpot-size0.8 BrandsAir-Pot
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Commercial Dirt Pots by RediRoot have reinforced stitching to ensure their durability through multiple growing seasons. A dark green top-stitch helps the bag stay open for easier filling. While other bags degrade after a single season, these lightweight fabric bags can be reused multiple times, and they even resist salt damage! Made from 80% recycled materials, and BPA-free.
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The PotPro Bucket is the newest member of the revolutionary PotPro line. The PotPro buckets hold a true 3 or 5 gallons to maximize your grow. The bucket features an elevated foot system to lift growing mediums up and away from the below surface. 12 holes around the bucket's perimeter allow you to train your plant in any desired direction. The logo pattern at the bottom stores extra water during growth. Then, when you are ready to transplant, (or just want so to check out your roots) this pattern will have trained your roots to show off your #floraflexer status.
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The PotPro Platform is one of the newest members of the revolutionary PotPro line. The final stage of a successful build is exceptional drainage. The FloraFlex ®   PotPro™ Platform is designed to ensure proper drainage on any floor.
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The FloraFlex® PotPro Pot is part of the patent pending PotPro system. It is the base for your growing setup. The place where your plants will live and build strong roots.
BrandsFloraFlex Pot Size4 in
Floraflex Quickfill Bag
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Enjoy the convenience of your organic coco and pot all in one. We believe the QuickFill bags to be a huge staple product in the future of our industry, so with that in mind we set out to provide the best possible bag on the market.
BrandsFloraFlex Pot Size6" / 1 gal
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First Medical Planter ever created with EPA & FDA Approved Antimicrobial plastic which eliminates 99.95% of E- Coli, Mold, Algae, & other harmful pathogens and bacteria’s.
BrandsThe Bucket Company Color/TypeBlack
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