The Everyday Healing of CBG and CBD Capsules

What is your preferred method of reducing everyday aches and pains? For many, the benefits of CBG and CBD are unbeatable.

CBG (which is short for cannabigerol) is a natural and highly effective resource used by millions of people today. Crafted straight from the stem cells of hemp plants, this younger version of CBD is highly effective at treating several common problems. From headaches to nausea, Cannaporium offers CBD gel capsules for relief on the go. 

You can also use CBG softgels for treating aching muscles, stiff backs, and chronic migraines. There are similar benefits from CBD oil, though you might want to experiment with what works best for you.

Reduce Bad Flavors and Frustrating Measuring

It’s frustrating having to fuss with measuring spoons and awful flavors just to get the benefits of CBG. With the aid of our softgels, you can just pop them in and go!

Each of our softgel suppliers provides a recommended dosage based on your age, health, and personal wellness goals. If you’re not a fan of tinctures and their taste, rest easy knowing pills leave virtually no aftertaste. 

It’s recommended you take pills with food and water so you can experience the benefits of your CBD faster.

Prime Sourcing From the Best Manufacturers

Only the highest-quality cannabis will do. We’re proud to offer you a variety of CBG softgels from today’s best manufacturers. 

Select your ideal dosage and benefits from Joy Organics, Medterra, CBDFX, and Extract Labs. These softgels are fast-acting, reducing the waiting time so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are you new to CBG softgels? Below we’ll answer some common questions so you can start enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of quality hemp products.

Some of our softgels, such as the Joy Organics Premium CBD Softgels with Melatonin for Sleep, can also provide benefits for a healthy night’s sleep.

Are CBG and CBD the Same Thing?

It’s easy to get confused with CBG and CBD (especially with the same acronym). While these two plant-based products are similar, they have a few key differences.

Both CBG and CBD are cannabinoids. Which cannabinoid suits you best will depend on your tastes and goals! However, CBG is much better suited to treating everyday aches and pains. It can also be a little rarer than CBD due to the unique extraction process required.

Is CBG Psychoactive?

There’s no need to worry about euphoric side effects. CBG is 100% non-psychoactive and will not alter your state of mind (aside from general pain relief!). 

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