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Canniloq Transcend Reinforced Polymer 120 CC Jet Black

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The TXD120B (Xtreme-Duty) container sets a new industry standard for secure herb storage. The only stash container on the market made from reinforced polymer, the XD integrates the legendary durability and airtight sealing of the Transcend aircraft aluminum series into a lightweight, Every Day Carry package. This discreet, virtually indestructible container provides absolute waterproof storage under all temperature conditions, and is designed and built in the USA for tactical, responsible storage. The over-engineered, spring-loaded, sealed cap, has a unique push-turn lock, and the reinforced polymer construction provides toughness, and corrosion resistance under the most extreme conditions. Dont compromise, make the Transcend XD loq your primary choice for best-in-class, waterproof, secure, personal storage.

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